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Visualizzazione post con etichetta change log. Mostra tutti i post

sabato 8 novembre 2014

Massiccio aggiornamento beta per War in the East

E' stata rilasciata una beta patch per War in the East con 70 pagine di cambi e nuove features; come al solito la beta può essere scaricata dall'area membri della Matrix.

Qui il link della changes:

domenica 16 febbraio 2014

Civil War II patch 1.03

Uscita la nuova patch per Ageod's Civil War II. La patch può essere scaricata qui: oppure tramite l'updater automatico

Qui il change log:

Gameplay / Game Logic (improvements & fixes)
Development level reduction done by regional decisions was not working.
Land mine decision can now affect cities, not only forts.
Messages on decisions with tests and conditions reworked so they are easier to understand when not successful.
Ability sending command points modifier to subordinate stacks had a bug resulting in double modifiers sometime.
New option added in Menu\Options to play with ‘hidden activation’.

Some abilities icons fixed.
* Added models and units for new flavor unit (USA Flotilla Bde.)
* Changed Mussel Shoals to forbid navigation up the Tennessee past the river region

Combat Power indicated on each map counter will be the sum of all combat powers of all stacks of the region.
Combat Power and the 3 gauges (hits, cohesion, Supply) only appear on enemy counters if there is at least 2 extra detection points toward the enemy stack.
Replay feature makes a comeback (experimental support!). If your current turn has a replay, then invoke the console and type loadreplay. Once the console has finished loading, you can hit space to start/pause/resume replay or hit escape to abort it.

Historical setting and events
Additional flavor units added at historical time: Cable Brigade, Texas Greyhounds, Waul Legion, Iron Cavalry Bde, Thomas’ Legion.
Sioux uprising event improved.
Fixed missing images (Kentucky)
Fixed texts (e.g. Virginia commissioned)
Added events for new Flavor Bde.

AI has been improved on sending supply wagons and artilleries.
AI has been improved on resupplying algorithm.

Game Balance
Several tweaks for CSA and USA.
Things that would benefit CSA:
1) Add one more CSA draft card each year. They would receive 4 to current Union 8 cards (1:2 ratios).
2) Add 2 more cotton warehouses to the CSA, for a total of 5 (New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah, Mobile, Wilmington).
3) Add 4 barracks (New Orleans San Antonio, Macon, and Raleigh).
4) Add 6 VP to CSA production by increasing Objective value of New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah and Mobile.
5) Double troops from mobilization options
6) Increase money options yield from 400 to 600$

Things that would benefit US:
1) Raise the tax and bonds yield from 400 to 800$.
2) Add additional +15 FI bonuses for Emancipation proclamation.
3) Add Event creating 10 vol. brigades to Washington, and 5 vol. brigades to Alexandria in Nov, 61. Have them unlocked after 60 turns (2.5 years).
4) Add 6 barracks (Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburg, and Philadelphia).
5) Double troops from mobilization options.

martedì 26 novembre 2013

Combat Mission: Fortress Italy v1.12 patch

Anche Fortress Italy è stato aggiornato con la patch 1.12, trovate il link qui:

Ecco il change log:

Generally improved graphics, including FPS and quality improvements, and better support for faster video cards
Bridge navigation problems corrected
ATG issues when setting up near walls and bocage corrected
AA guns can no longer incorrectly limber near walls and bocage
Passenger vulnerability in soft skinned vehicles increased
German halftrack gunners lowered to a more accurate protective stance
Vehicles using Pause do not have accuracy reduced as if they are still moving
PIAT max range reduced to 180m
"Ditch Contours" feature
TO&E changes:
Italian HMG ammo bearers now carry HMG ammunition again.
British Infantry Branch now has a Forward Observer Section available for purchase in Quick Battles.
Polish now have Stuart (Recce) available in recce platoons for armoured regiments.
Polish Sherman variants availability adjusted: Sherman I removed, Sherman III (early) added. Note that this change will not affect existing scenarios.
Canadian Sherman variants availability adjusted: only the Sherman V is available to armoured regiments, while the Sherman II exclusively equips the armoured recce regiments. Note that this change will not affect existing scenarios.
Canadians Mech Infantry branch option for Quick Battles is no longer available before February 1944.
Various minor bug fixes

martedì 19 novembre 2013

lunedì 18 novembre 2013

Rilasciata Patch 2.11 per Battle for Normandy

Visto che siamo in tema, vedo adesso che è stata rilasciata la patch 2.11 per Combat Mission Battle for Normandy.

Qui il link:

Ecco il change log:

New 2.11 Feature List

* Generally improved graphics, including FPS and quality improvements, and better support for faster video cards
* Bridge navigation problems corrected
* ATG issues when setting up near walls and bocage corrected
* AA guns can no longer incorrectly limber near walls and bocage
* Passenger vulnerability in soft skinned vehicles increased
* German halftrack gunners lowered to a more accurate protective stance
* Some urban roofs that incorrectly blocked LOS/LOF no longer do
* Vehicles using Pause do not have accuracy reduced as if they are still moving
* King Tiger ammo counts lowered to probable correct amounts of 64 for Porsche type and 70 for Henschel
* Marder II based formation added to Quick Battles (Luftwaffe only)
* Jagdpanzer IV/70 now has ammo for it's machinegun
* Sherman M4A3(75)W (Rhino) now shows the cutter attachment
* PIAT max range reduced to 180m
* "Ditch Contours" feature
* US Airborne uniform options for Holland corrected
* Missing German Airborne and Navy unit portraits now included
* Various minor bug fixes

venerdì 25 ottobre 2013

Alea Jacta Est nuova patch e rilasciato Parthian Wars

Oggi è stata rilasciata la nuova patch per Alea Jacta Est assieme alla nuova dlc Parthian Wars che propone 5 nuovi scenari con ambientazione le guerre romano-partiche.

Ecco il change log:

We are releasing the v.1.03a Update for Alea Jacta Est and Birth of Rome. The v.1.03a Update fixes some Database and Scenario bugs, features a new Exe. and improvements in the gameplay and above all allows compatibility with Parthian Wars.

For a full list of changes, check out below:


Parthian wars expansion

- Fix to effects of allocating Judea to Cleopatra mutichoice option
- Fix to cost and texts of the alliance with Lysanias Parthian option



- Reduce tendency of "wild" cavalry raids
- AI cavalry forces less prone to stay in a siege
- Fix to a bug in development level in regions
- Added functionality, SHIFT now shows the region links of the region below the cursor (if no Stack is selected).
- Additional stacks in same region now get the name of their leader in the region tooltip (the 'Also there' lines)
- Movement path is now color coded

and a lot more small fixes


- New faction icons in Unit recruitment mode (thanks, Picaron !)
- Small tweak to assets icons in main screen (EP now are represented by the bolt)


All scenarios
- Removed cavalry element from "post-Marius" legions
- Changed VP values of Roman cohorts (from 10 to 3) and legatus (from 10 to 20)
- Light Infantry, Skirmisher and Raider models hide value lowered to 2
- Changed Cav detect value to 4 for most models (5 for the expert scout nations)

Marius vs Sulla scenario:
- Fixes to Lucullus Odyssey events: Cyprus and Aegyptus exercitus are no longer unlocked if respective fleets ally with Optimates; correction to percentage of chance of missions in Cyrene (50) and Egypt (10)

The Roman Civil War (Caesar vs Pompey) scenario:
- Lagid armies will be unlocked if Caesar invades Egypt (will prevent later historical chain of options related to Pompey fleeing to Egypt)
- Pompey dilemna message broadcasted
- Fix to consequences of Pompey strategic choice if not chosen by the player
- Small fix to consequences of the "Pompey goes West" choice: loyatly will now be increased by 25 in Hispania and by 10 in Africa
- Fix to double Galatian leader (Kastor)

Septimius Severus scenario
- Small fix to Severus choice consequences if not chosen by the player

Parthian Wars expansion:
- Data (events, options, etc) for all scenarios

Due to database changes patch 1.03 will not be, in principle, guaranteed compatible with saved games
Also, some changes will not be applied yet to the "old" DLC scenarios (Spartacus and Cantabrian Wars), like the removal of cavalry from legions


Parthian wars expansion

- Fix to effects of allocating Judea to Cleopatra mutichoice option
- Fix to cost and texts of the alliance with Lysanias Parthian option



- Reduce tendency of "wild" cavalry raids
- AI cavalry forces less prone to stay in a siege
- Fix to a bug in development level in regions
- Added functionality, SHIFT now shows the region links of the region below the cursor (if no Stack is selected).
- Additional stacks in same region now get the name of their leader in the region tooltip (the 'Also there' lines)
- Movement path is now color coded

and a lot more small fixes


- New faction icons in Unit recruitment mode (thanks, Picaron !)
- Small tweak to assets icons in main screen (EP now are represented by the bolt)


All scenarios
- Removed cavalry element from "post-Marius" legions (does not affect BOR scenarios)
- Changed VP values of Roman cohorts (from 10 to 3) and legatus (from 10 to 20)
- Light Infantry, Skirmisher and Raider models hide value lowered to 2
- Changed Cav detect value to 4 for most models (5 for the expert scout nations)

First Punic War 264 BC scenario:
- An additionnal alae legion is possible to recrute for Rome and the Boii are stronger with a noble unit at start.

Parthian Wars expansion:
- Data (events, options, etc) for all scenarios
(NOTE: to play Parthian Wars expansion you have to own Alea Jacta Est)

Due to database changes patch 1.03 will not be, in principle, guaranteed compatible with saved games
Also, some changes will not be applied yet to the "old" DLC scenarios (Spartacus and Cantabrian Wars), like the removal of cavalry from legions

giovedì 24 ottobre 2013

IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 Patch 4.12.2

Rilasciata nuova patch per IL-2 Sturmovik 1946.

Fixes include:
CmdUser console command shows only info allowed by server
Too long loadout bug in mission transfer is fixed
Killed gunner is now reported in the EventLog

martedì 8 ottobre 2013

Command: Modern AirNaval Operations gets Updated

La patch 1.00 per CMANO è stato rilasciata nella sua versione ufficiale. Fate il check update dall'interfaccia di lancio per scaricarla.

Ecco il change log:

V1.00 – October 8, 2013

Bug Fixes:

0005443: [420] Crash on Zoom
0005533: Game just stops, get error message when trying to save scenario
0005546: [430] No Nav Zones not working properly
0005528: [427] Edit Exclusion zoneDialog bug
0005543: [430] Freeze in basic air ops
0005496: Sensor dialog Crash
0005503: [426] Maria & Victoria
0005605: Crash: Stanavforlant crashes with a NullReferenceException
0005646: [432] Can still clog a carrier or airbase by readying aircraft on elevators
0005592: Aircraft should accept ready/rearm command _only_ when parked
0005260: Zooming on mouse scroll wheel
0004409: Sonobouys clutter the display. Possibly to fade the or have an on/off view.
0005650: Deselect all RPs hotkey
0005667: OOM Exception, Red-X-of-doom
0005652: Loading a scenario while another scenario runs causes sim to freeze up
0005617: SOSUS not working
0005013: Add Unit dialog should remember the country from the previous inserted platform
0005676: [434] Can't manually deploy active sonobouy from TU-142 bear
0005488: KDX update
0004857: Chinese OTH-B and OTH-SW radars
0005562: Swiss radars
0003319: DB3K: Swiss BL-64
0005570: Swiss radar ER-220
0005569: Swiss radar LGR-1
0005610: Load out mispelling
0005576: Swiss radar TPS-1E
0005571: Swiss radar ZW9/ZW10
0003320: DB3K: Swiss "FLORIDA" EW radar
0005577: Photos and text placed incorrectly in DB viewer
0005596: Zumwalt Needs Helo Magazine
0005598: DB3k Minor Text Edits
0005714: [438] Slow down after assigning Backfire groups to ASuw Mission
0005511: Possible for a Player to set a 0 speed.
0005718: Get rid of NUM LOCK requirement
0005675: Repetative BDA Reports
0005734: Assorted tutorials issues
0005556: [427] SEAD patrol kirks
0005121: It should not be possible to arm/take off aircraft with maintenance/unavailable loadouts
0005698: Kilter misses by stupid amount
0005730: [438] Weird Shrike Behavior
0005069: Shrike ARM misses by several kilometers
0005699: Maria and Victoria Again
0005672: Mixed Shrike and CBU Issue
0005750: A-7 CBU-59 and Shrike Loadout a bad match
005735: Excessive dive rates for subs & aircraft
0004279: IRIAF F-14 update
0005560: DB3k Update: Combat Aircraft Mag Article on Iranian F-14's
0005771: ARM's not firing at Search Radar
0005770: F-4G Wild Weasel w/ AGM-78 Standard ARM not working at all (Build 440)
0005693: [434] BCGN Shooting SA-N-6 at Tico with no hits.

New Features and Improvements

Significant performance improvements both on UI map operations (zoom/pan) and sim execution.
Enhanced stability.
Added button "Abort Launch" on Air Ops menu. When clicked, any of the selected aircraft which is preparing to launch will abort the sequence and attempt to return to an available parking facility.
Only aircraft that are in a parking facility can be armed (solves problem of airbase traffic jams due to aircraft being readied while on transit points).
Added game option: Zoom map to mouse cursor location (instead of camera center).
Added new game option: Sonobuoy Visibility. Available settings are: Normal, Ghosted and Do Not Show (not reccomended).
Added new reference-point menu command: De-select all reference points.
Command's hitherto mandatory high-fidelity mode (0.1-sec pulse length) at 1:1 time setting, is now optional: New game option, "High Fidelity Mode", enabled by default. To switch to 1-sec pulse length at 1:1 (aka coarse mode, similar to how Harpoon 3 runs at 1:1), disable this option. This has the effect of dramatically speeding up gameplay at 1:1 setting.
DB viewer addition: Dedicated weapon page. Search, filtering etc. work just like any other unit type (except that country-level filtering is not available for weapons). File naming conventions for images & text
descriptions are Weapon_XXX.jpg and Weapon_XXX.txt respectively.
While having a weapon selected on the map, clicking on the weapon-class button on the unit status window will bring up the weapon's relevant page in the DB viewer.
Hold-fire can now be issued on multi-selected units, in addition to single units and groups.
DB viewer improvements: Valid Targets on weapon page, per-engine maximum speed displayed on powerplant section for all platforms (particularly useful for diesel-electric submarines).
The "Add Unit" window now remembers all selection filters used on the last unit addition and re-applies them whenever called up.
Aircraft now drop their ordnance much more reliably without manual control (we'd love to boast "100% reliably" but that's just an invitation for an edge case to pop up and throw egg on our face).
Helmet-mounted sights (HMS) are now taken into account when deciding how much off-boresight an aircraft can shoot an AAM.
Aircraft & submarines have more realistic dive rates.
Ships can now effectively use semi-active SAMs in anti-surface mode, as they are taking terminal illumination concerns into account during pre-fire checks.

Data Changes

Includes updated versions of DB3000 and CWDB. Some of the changes include:
CH-47F Chinook -- Australia (Army), 2015, 7x
LHD 01 Canberra [Juan Carlos Class] -- Australia (Navy), 2017, 4x LCM-1E
LCM-1E -- Australia (Navy), 2015, 12x
LCM-8 -- Australia (Navy), 1967, 11x
L 100 Choules [Bay Class] -- Australia (Navy), 2013, Ex-Largs Bay, 1x LCM-8, 2x LCVP, No LCM-1E
Combined ARM/CBU loadouts have new mission profiles, using Hi-Lo-Hi instead of Hi-Med-Hi.
SUU-23 gun pods in A/G loadouts on F-4C/D
SUU-23 loadouts on RAF Phantoms


Bo-105CBS -- Canada (Coast Guard), 1984, 16x
AC-130J Ghostrider -- United States (Air Force), 2015, Upgr MC-130J Commando II
MC-130J Commando II -- United States (Air Force), 2013, 4x + Xx, Ex-Combat Shadow II
Camcopter S-100 -- China (Navy), 2012, 18x
Camcopter S-100 -- Libya (Army), 2010, 4x, Khamis Brigade


CCGS Cape Roger -- Canada (Coast Guard), 1978
CCGS Cape Roger -- Canada (Coast Guard), 1997, Refit
Civilian RHIB [11m] -- Civilian (Civilian)
Civilian RHIB [7m, Armed] -- Civilian (Civilian), Pirate
Civilian RHIB [7m] -- Civilian (Civilian)
DDG 991 Sejong the Great [KDX-3] -- South Korea (Navy), 2014, K-ASROC, Hyunmoo-3C
DDH 971 Gwanggaeto the Great [KDX-1] -- South Korea (Navy), 2003
DDH 978 Wang Geon [KDX-2 Mod] -- South Korea (Navy), 2014, K-ASROC, Hyunmoo-3C
F 230 Norfolk [Type 23 Duke] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 2013, Type 997
F 230 Norfolk [Type 23 Duke] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 2017, CAMM(M)
F 236 Montrose [Type 23 Duke] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 2014, Type 997
F 236 Montrose [Type 23 Duke] -- United Kingdom (Royal Navy), 2017, CAMM(M)
P 71 Serviola -- Spain (Navy), 1993

Ground Stuff:

Radar (9ZW/10ZW HF) -- Switzerland (Air Force), 1966-1998, 2x, Assoc w AN/FPS-20A
Radar (AN/FPS-20A) -- Switzerland (Air Force), 1966-1998, 1x, Assoc w 9ZW/10ZW HF
Radar (AN/TPS-1E) -- Switzerland (Air Force), 1958-1989, 24x, AAA Support
Radar (Big Bird C [64N6]) -- Algeria (Air Force), 2009, SA-20
Radar (China OTH-B Receiver) -- China (Air Force)
Radar (China OTH-B Transmitter) -- China (Air Force)
Radar (China OTH-SW Receiver) -- China (Air Force), 2003
Radar (China OTH-SW Transmitter) -- China (Air Force), 2003
Radar (H(R)-500) -- Switzerland (Air Force), 1970-2003, 3x, Florida System
Radar (Jindalee JORN Receiver) -- Australia (Air Force), 1983
Radar (PS-47/F) -- Sweden (Air Force), 1965-1993, 9x
Radar (PS-68/F) -- Sweden (Air Force), 1964-1980, 1x
SAM Bn (SA-20b Gargoyle [S-300PMU-2]) -- Algeria (Air Force), 2009, 4x TEL, 2x Bn + 96L6E, 8x Bn
SAM Bn (SA-21a/b Growler [S-400 Triumph]) -- Russia [1992-] (Air Force), 2013, 12x TEL
SAM Sqn (Bloodhound 2 [BL-64]) -- Switzerland (Royal Air Force), 1965-1999, 1x Training Site, 1x Sec, 4x lnchr
SAM Sqn (Bloodhound 2 [BL-64]) -- Switzerland (Royal Air Force), 1965-1999, 2x Sites, 1x Sec, 8x lnchr
SAM Sqn (Bloodhound 2 [BL-64]) -- Switzerland (Royal Air Force), 1965-1999, 3x Sites, 2x Sec, 16x lnchr


AIM-54A Phoenix [Fakour-90] -- 2012, SARH
Sea Ceptor [CAMM(M)] -- 2017
Hyunmoo-3C -- South Korea, 2013, Xuanwu 3

venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

Rilasciata terza patch per Rome 2

Rilasciata in modo ufficiale la terza patch per Total War Rome 2, mentre la quarta patch è in beta.

Ecco il change log:

Technical and Performance Issues

Significant improvements to multiplayer campaign speed, which is now limited by the slowest players machine.
Frame Rate improvements on Campaign map on low spec Core2 Duo cpu’s in windowed mode.
Fix for lock-ups reported on loading into battle in DirectX9.
Frame Rate improvements on Campaign map across all configurations when setting Effects Quality to Low or High.
Fix for minor stutters & terrain rendering glitches on some gpu’s when rendering the terrain.
Fixed a bug in the Graphics Benchmark frame rate display that reported the wrong per-frame time.
LAN multiplayer modes are now accessible when Steam is in Offline mode.
Fix for graphics crash caused by changing the games screen resolution shortly after loading a new Campaign.
Fix for a crash when performing an agent action on a wounded/assassinated unit in Campaign modes.
Further campaign map optimisations.
Optimised fire and smoke effects on the campaign map (improving the frames per second on all graphics setting, especially during the late gameplay where all faction territories are revealed)
Fix in Multiplayer Campaign, after Player 1 offers diplomacy to Player 2, Player 2 made a counter offer, then cancelled the offer, which caused the game to lock up for Player 1.
Fix to prevent the games user interface from flickering when SLI is enabled.
Improved culling on the campaign map to prevent props (e.g. the pyramids) from disappearing when the camera was set to certain angles.
Improved the desktop icon for Total War: ROME II to support multiple resolutions.

Gameplay Improvements
When the player is attacked whilst in a minor settlement (not provincial capital), a new "Sally Forth" button is available on the pre-battle panel to fight the attackers in an open field battle.
All armies that are forced to retreat, and then are attacked, no longer have a *Baggage Train battle. It is a normal open field battle with any campaign generated penalties applied as before.
When an army in forced march is attacked on the Campaign Map, an ambush battle is now triggered, rather than a baggage train Victory Point battle .
Combined battles where there is no navy in the defending alliance do not have *Victory Points/Baggage Trains.
Combined battles where the defender has a navy will retain their Victory Point.
Victory Points have had their capture time increased by 3x their previous length.
Attacking AI is now more likely to prioritise taking Victory Points in Siege Battles / City Assault Battles.
AI controlled Agents are now more likely to act upon the player's settlements instead of standing around outside of them.
Fixed issue in battle AI which prevented siege assault groups from responding to nearby threats.
Fixed timing issue in battle AI which could cause the attacking AI in port sieges to stop updating.
Substantially reduced free hits from enemies in battles, when moving a unit through enemy units (without attacking them), so units can disengage with less penalty.
Smaller and depleted AI controlled forces are now less likely to survive auto-resolved battles in Campaign modes.
Cavalry can no longer capture Victory Points in battles while mounted. They can still neutralise the Victory Points if they were previously in enemy control, and capture Victory Points when dismounted.
The size / radius of capture points has been increased in Coastal battles.
Fix for some instances of passive AI during River Crossing battles, when the AI is defending.
Fixed issue which prevented reinforcement artillery ships deploying.
Fixed issue in Siege Battles where the AI attempted to use breaches and gates which they could not reach.
In Battles, the number of ranks now factor into bracing mass bonus for collision system, i.e. thin lines will make you lose your bracing bonus against cavalry charges from the front
Fixed chasing down of routers at the end of battles, so they engage in combat more often and can be killed more easily.
Satrapies can no longer sign peace treaties with the enemies of their overlord (but still able to automatically make peace if their overlord signs a peace treaty with the enemy) in Campaign modes.
Snow ground type now replaces grass in snow attrition areas of the battle map.
Units in Testudo formation will now respond to an order to attack city gates in a City Assault battles.
Men throwing torches to ignite gates in battles, now have less chance of failing to throw their torches and hit the gate, if ordered more than once to ignite the same gate.
AI houses can no longer secure promotions without first meeting the required age and rank in Campaign modes.
Removed old concealed by distance logic, that was incompatible with the newer visibility system. For example, units that are visible at range could look like they were hidden on their user interface, when they could be seen.
Pikemen can move out of melee when pike phalanx is active in battles. For example, If only one of the pikeman is attacked, the entire unit will no longer start to be unresponsive to orders.
Improved responsiveness of Siege Equipment when dropped and picked back up multiple times.
In Campaign modes, the number of siege equipment entries is now capped to be the length of the siege - 1
Further improvements to AI collision detection with Deployables in battle.
Units that charge while in formation (e.g. block formation) stop sooner on contact with the enemy, to reduce "blobbing" where units converge into a disorganised brawl.
Fixed bug with missile units on ships not firing on enemies reliably during battles.
Fixed bug with ship artillery not firing on buildings reliably in battles.
Fix for ships surviving on the campaign map after sinking on the battle map.
Fix missile ships getting stuck when targeting land units just outside of their range.
Reduced the chance of AI (enemy) reinforcements and the players reinforcements joining a battle from the same location and therefore engaging in combat instantly in battles from Campaign modes.

Balancing Changes
Hit points for all units have been increased in combat.
Melee defence has been reduced for most melee cavalry units and for some elite infantry units.
Reduced melee weapon damage in battles, and increased melee defence from shields.
Various trait effects are now working as intended.
Improved pike weapon damage balancing in battles.
Fatigue for running and being in combat has been increased in battles.
Further tweaks and rebalancing has been made to unit morale in battles.
Elite infantry morale has been reduced slightly during battles.
Experience level thresholds have been increased for units.
Special ability cool down times have been re-balanced in battles.
Building costs have been updated to reflect the changes in building effects in Campaign modes.
Morale bonuses from training and religious building chains have been reduced in Campaign modes. Instead, these buildings now give more varied bonuses to the units.
Cost of experience bonuses for Custom and Multiplayer battles have been reduced.
Squalor and food consumption have been rebalanced (reduction for higher-level buildings) in Campaign modes.
The Headhunt ability has been re-balanced in battles.
The charge bonus for Celtic, Briton and Germanic units have been reduced.
The masses of horses and men on the battlefield have been made more reasonable.
Reduced the mass of camel units in battle.

Usability Improvements
The Balance Of Power bar on the Diplomacy screen now shows the correct ratio, rather than just 50/50.
Improved the desynchronisation detection in Multiplayer Campaign mode, and players are now given a popup message when a desynchronisation has occurred, with the options to resynchronise the game to continue, or quit the game.
When the host leaves the team lobby in Quick Battle multiplayer mode, a new host is found.
Improved multiplayer compatibility between players who own the Greek States DLC and those who don't.
In Multiplayer Ambush Battles, if Player 1 clicks the "Start Battle" button, and the Player 2 waits for the timer to run out for the battle to start, Player 2 will no longer be locked into Cinematic Mode with limited user interface controls.
All battles now end 5 seconds after the victory is decided (This used to be 10 seconds).
In Multiplayer Land Battles, when deployment is over, enemy armies will no longer be visible, when they are supposed to be hidden, for a couple of seconds before fading out.
In Multiplayer battles, a player who has conceded defeat will now turn into a spectator. They can then exit the battle if they want to.
Fix for battle music getting paused while in slow battle speed.
When on the campaign map, if an agent is placed close to the edge of an enemy settlement as it expands (builds a building in a construction slot) the agent is now teleported out of the way of the expansion, so they do not become stuck within the settlement. If the agent was already stuck in an expanded settlement before this update, they will remain stuck, and have to be disbanded. This update will prevent this situation from happening in the future.
Slightly improve combat responsiveness and animations for formation attacks in battles.
Fixed bug with ship artillery not firing at all after using first-person mode in battles.
The Attacking Testudo can no longer be activated in melee during battles.
Battering rams moves out the way correctly after battering a gate down in battles.
The Tortoise battering ram animation has been tweaked slightly so it collides with walls better, at the point of impact when a wall is destroyed.
Multiple waypoints displayed for units in siege equipment, as previously only 1 was displayed.
Selecting Dismount on mounted units continuously during deployment in battles will move the units towards their last ordered position less after dismounting.
During battles, if a cavalry unit is ordered to move to a location, and then ordered to dismount, the men will now dismount but not continue to move to the previously ordered location.
The number of arrows is now correctly depleted when units fire whilst moving during battles.
Correct bonuses are now being applied to units from Workshop buildings.
Fixed bug with pike phalanx not getting back into pike stance after running.
Charge bonuses are now correctly applied to units recruited in certain provinces.
Projectile impact effects hitting units and buildings are now positioned more accurately.
Improved fire effects for buildings, siege vehicles and deployables during battles.
Improved some visual effects for during battles. Better burnt version of buildings with burning embers, and running water down roofs and vertical surfaces in rain.
Damaged visual effects have been improved on the campaign.
Fixed Briton Chariot unit attributes.
Fix for Scythian horse unit variation.
The achievements "Noble Master", "Spymaster" and "Champion of the Gods" now unlock sooner after their requirements have been met.
Fix for the Campaign map terrain disappearing when repeatedly toggling between the Campaign Map and Campaign Tactical Map.
Province level bonuses (such as edicts with food bonuses) are now taken into account in the food level displayed in a province overview in Campaign modes.
Settlement labels on the campaign map are now positioned more accurately and no longer get offset from the settlements.
In the Province panel in Campaign modes, provinces can now be sorted by their level of food production.
Several Eastern buildings now correctly consume food (instead of either not consuming anything or giving contradicting public order effects) in Campaign modes.
The Qanat building (in the Eastern agricultural chain) now produces a small amount of food in campaign mode.
The warning message that informs the player that they are not researching any technology when they press the "End Turn" button in Single Player Campaigns is now also displayed in Multiplayer Campaigns.
The players armies in Ambush stance will no longer move by themselves in Campaign modes, which happened on rare occasions.
Fix for user interface bug showing the wrong tax level on the Province Details panel when the "Tax province" button was ticked in Campaign modes.
Culture conversion coming from some characters now correctly shows up as "character" in the culture tooltip, no longer as "building".
In Campaign modes, the culture that Consecrated Grounds belong to is now displayed in their title, to make it clearer why they need to be converted.
The "Reduces slave population decline" icon in the information panel when placing the mouse over the "Slave Trader" in the Commons buildings section in Campaign modes is now displayed as green instead of red (as it's a positive affect).
The first building in the equipment chain (E.g. Workshop for Hellenic, Quartermaster for Eastern etc.) can no longer be bypassed by converting from another faction's equipment chain without researching.
Technologies are now required to create the Level 4 Jewelsmith building, to prevent an exploit.
Improved ship melee/ramming target selection in battles.
Fixed boarding mode button state issues when attempting to board a ship in battle.
In battles, men who have already boarded an enemy ship no longer jump into the sea once their ship has started to sink or back onto their sinking ship. (Men who remain on the sinking ship still jump into the water.)
Improved Advisor lip sync in various pieces of advice in Campaign modes.
Clicking the "Square" special ability as a unit is attempting to man a siege tower will no longer stick the siege tower to that unit in battles.
When an agent is selected in Campaign mode, and the player right clicks on a settlement to sabotage the enemy, the menu will no longer act erratically.
When the player had a subject to deal with in the politics screen and the subject had an infamy effect, this effect once seen persisted in being shown for all other characters even if the subject is dismissed. This has been fixed.
Fix for some misaligned text on a tooltip displayed when a settlement with a port is blockaded by an enemy, and the player selects the enemy and places the mouse over the settlement.
Improved small glitches with Campaign selection markers and Forced March visual effects sometimes being displayed in the wrong positions when units move.
Fixed some inconsistent ability names for General Skill Types.
In Campaign mode, Roman "Basilica of X" temples have now been renamed to "Precinct of X".
Tooltip regarding the "Armoured Siege Units" technology bonus effects on pre-siege vehicles (all variants of Galleries, Siege Towers, Ladders and Battering Rams) is now clearer.
Fixed the tooltip when placing the mouse over the Columns I, II and III for War Exercises, Warrior Code, Tribal Economy and Druidic Council technology trees in the Technology Panel in Campaign modes.
Two pieces of advice from the Battlefield Advisor relating to flanking were mixed up in Italian and Spanish. These have now been corrected.
Fixed a couple of instances where what the Battlefield Advisors was saying did not match the text displayed in Spanish.
Some steep terrain in a Greek Minor Port battle map has been levelled out, to stop ships from going under the beach when they disembark.
Improvements to the wall connectivity in a Greek Port battle map.
Boiling oil poured from gate houses in battles will look better where it intersects with the ground.
Improved impact animations when pig carcasses hit the ground when fired as poison rounds form artillery in battles.
While crossing rivers in battles, units footsteps now default to mud sounds instead of water sounds.
Fix for a small hole in the terrain in a Greek Minor Port battle map.
When the player is defending in a siege battle from Campaign mode, and the enemy partially capture a Victory Point on the battle map, then the player re-gains control of the Victory Point, the Battlefield Advisor will no longer say "Our enemy have lost a victory point".
Fix for the Battlefield Advisor sometimes referring to the players own reinforcements as "Enemy Reinforcements" during battles.
Added some localisation text and audio fixes for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Polish and Turkish.
Added Stonehenge back to the custom battle map at these coordinates 0.137, 0238 (Iska).
Fixed typo on 'Conscription' edict in English.
Improved culling of certain rocks on the battlefield.
Added French, Italian, German and Spanish localisation to the word "Settlement" in the Agent Action Panel in Campaign modes.
Various text and grammar fixes for the Campaign user interface.

martedì 17 settembre 2013

Patch 2.0 per Rome 2

E' stata rilasciata la nuova patch per Rome 2, chissà se riuscirà a rialzare un po' la fama del gioco?

Technical and Performance Issues

Campaign performance optimisations.
Campaign AI round time improvements (greatest effect during early game).
A new "Limited" option has been added to the "Show AI Player Moves" settings in Single Player an Multiplayer Campaign modes, this enables the player to see all movement of enemy factions, all movement within the players regions, and all movement within sea that the player has ports in during the AI turns.
Improved AI recruitment decisions in Campaign modes. Further improvements planned for subsequent patches.
Pathfinding optimisation on the Campaign Map.
Fix for "Level of Detail" distances scaling incorrectly when the "Field of View" is changed which reduces the chance of the "Intelligent Zoom" [N] key, causing "zombie like” low quality textures on unit faces in battles.
A new warning message has been added to loading screen to inform the player when graphics memory is running low, and the game is downgrading the players graphics settings. This can be overriden, allowing the game to use system memory for graphics (VRAM) by ticking the "Unlimited video memory" option in the graphics menu.
Increased the frame rate and reduced frame stuttering in battles on certain GPUs.
Improved compatibility for graphics cards with multiple GPUs.
Added earlier Multiplayer Campaign resyncronisation detection, upon loading save games which allows resyncronisation in more cases.
More conservative out-of-the-box graphics settings and resolution for DirectX 10 and 11 on Mobile GPUs
Improved the processing speed of the default deployment placement, reducing battle loading times on some battle maps.
Fixed battle crash bug caused by the default deployment placement.
Crash fix for when the player placed the mouse over a garrison force of a region in Campaign mode.
Fix for crash loading save games that were created on the "settlement captured" screen in Campaign modes.
Fix for a crash when holding the [SHIFT] and [CTRL] keys down, and selecting a unit card, when no unit cards where previously selected in Campaign and Battle modes.
Fix for crash caused by forming a Confederation in Campaign modes.
Some desyncronisations have been fixed in multiplayer city / port assault battles.
Crash fix for when multiple AI reinforcements arrive in a single player siege battle in Campaign mode.
Fix for crash when selecting Custom Battle mode after fighting several different Multiplayer battles.
Fix for a crash in 4v4 custom or multiplayer battles caused by the battle AI.
Fix for crash when cancelling a game request for a password protected game whilst in a Multiplayer battle lobby.
Fix some crashes in multiplayer campaign mode, when one player quit the game, it would cause the other player to crash.
Fixed a Multiplayer crash which happened when a client joined a lobby and was being allocated to the wrong slot.
Fix for a very rare crash when launching a new campaign.
Fixed rare battlefield loading lockup.
Fix for a rare crash caused by animal handlers in battles.
Fix for crash that happens when AI unit triggers raise banner special ability when no human units are selected in battles.

Gameplay Improvements

Reduced infantry run speed, charge speed and acceleration in battles.
The low level casualty moral penalties have been significantly reduced in battles.
Improved balancing for Food and Squalor in Campaign Mode.
Campaign AI is more likely to make a stand when defending its final settlement, but may still seek out another home, if they fear losing the final battle.
Encampments battles are no longer incorrectly merged with Coastal battles, which lead to forts floating in the air when a friendly navy reinforced an army in the Fortification stance.
Improved ship movement speeds in battles.
Shock cavalry run speed and charge speed have been increased in battles.
Increased flanking morale penalties.
Added icons to indicate activity in the Technology and Faction screens during a campaign.
Fix for the boarding/ramming button which showed the incorrect state in certain circumstances in battles.
Fix for a bug that sometimes made it impossible to exchange units between a transported land force and another land force on the Campaign map.
Fix for armies on the sea getting stuck in patrol stance in Campaign modes.
Fixed splitting an embedded army from a navy which sometimes caused the player to get stuck in the Prologue Campaign.
Some missions in single player and multiplayer Campaign have been fixed and now execute correctly.
When a settlement is captured via a siege battle, with a friendly naval fleet blockading its port, the ownership of the port is now changed correctly to the friendly navy fleet on capture.
Fix for AI taking inappropriate sized siege equipment into battle when the user changed the settlement wall height, via the map selection settings, in Custom Battle mode.
Fix for defending armies under AI control grouping together at the edge of their deployment zone, during Ambush battles when the player choses to wait before attacking them.
Improved AI and scripting in the Raphia Historical Battle.
Fixed a bug preventing the player from progressing in The Invasion of Samnium prologue chapter, if they had spent all of their funds before being instructed to recruit a General (and therefore having no funds to do so).
The Attribute increases for an agent accompanying an army now activate its associated effects on the general of that army in Campaign modes.
Improved AI collision detection with Deployables in battle.
In Multiplayer Campaign mode, one player can no longer cancel recruitment during the other players turn.
The order of events leading up to the Battle of Bovianum in the prologue have been re-scripted. The player now gets multiple turns to construct siege equipment.
Fixed issues with not enough time being given for certain advisor lines to play in different languages in the prologue.
Fix for units floating in the air while climbing siege towers in battle, when the tower is placed on a slope.
Attacking siege ladders will no longer clip through the gate house in the siege on Bovianum battle during The Invasion of Samnium chapter in Prologue Campaign.
The victory screen in Multiplayer Campaign mode now shows the correct title for both players.
The Basilica of Vulcan religious building now applies the correct bonus to recruitment cost reduction in Campaign Mode.
Added level indicators to the Sanctuary of Austro & Sanctuary of Fraujaz shrines in Campaign mode and the Encyclopaedia.
Fix for settlement expansion trapping / blocking units movement on the campaign map in very rare cases.
Improved the terrain in a small Barbarian city battle map.
Minor bug fixes for Roman and Barbarian siege battle maps.
During battles, players are no longer able to un-pause the game while in the options menus.

Usability improvements

In Campaign mode, exempting a province from tax will no longer incorrectly adjust the food number in the province info panel left side of the screen.
Improved multiplayer lobby discovery, reducing the chance of finding *multiplayer lobbies with the wrong battle type.
Removed the red tint from the sky in battles.
Fix for "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day" achievement failing to unlock when its requirements were met in some situations.
The "Quaestor" achievement should now unlock correctly, when completing the Prologue campaign
Fixed the inability to select the previous faction, when an army is automatically loaded due to a battle type change during battle setup.
Improved the clarity of stats displayed for Slaves Economic Effect when placing the mouse over "Slaves" in the Province Details panel on the Campaign map.
Fix for rare cases of broken save games in Campaign mode.
Fix for Campaign mode bug, where a hostile agent and the players' ship became stuck in the same position, with neither one able to move.
Fix for very rare agent pathfinding issue, which caused the game progression to become impossible in Campaign modes.
Removed the ability to loading the wrong type of units into a battle from a saved army pre-set in Custom Battle mode.
In Multiplayer battle setup, unit restrictions related to "Battle type" are no longer desynchronised between the host and client, so only the correct units can be chosen.
Defending armies in an Ambush Battle can no longer load an army containing *Fixed Artillery and other Siege Equipment.
Fixed the tooltip displayed when placing the mouse over the garrison in enemy settlements, while the settlement is under siege.
The Public Order "Change per turn" stat is now displayed as the sum of all of its "Contributing Factors" on the Province Info panel in Campaign mode.
Right-clicking on the Aggressive, Balanced and Protective stance buttons when Autoresolving a battle in campaign mode will now take the player to the Encyclopedia, where these stances are explained in more detail.
More detailed descriptions added to the tooltips for the "Occupy, Loot and Raze" buttons after successfully capturing a settlement on the Campaign map.
Improved icons for Province Effects in Campaign mode.
Fixed an error with uploading stats when a multiplayer battle was ended prematurely.
The "Force March" movement effect on the campaign map (looks like a whirlwind) are now correctly removed from the screen when the AI move their army.
Correction to the Assault Hexeres unit card in the Parthia faction during battles, which had no colour mask and appeared black.
The buttons to change pages in the Leaderboards menu have been fixed, so more players can be seen on the Leaderboards.
The Provinces list in Campaign mode can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel.
Units in a recruitment queue, in a province with its capital under siege, now have an "infinity sign" icon to indicate that the "turns to recruit" is infinite while the siege is maintained in Campaign mode.
In the "Controls" menu under the "Settings" option in the main menu, when the player modifies the keyboard controls, and saves them, the new name for these controls is now replaces the "Classic Total War" name.
Added a tooltip to say "Left-click to remove unit from recruitment queue" for units that are queued for hire in Campaign mode.
Added a tooltip to make ruined buildings more obvious in Campaign mode.
Added tooltips to "Weather" and "Time of Day" settings in the Custom Battle menu.
Fixes and corrections for text in the encyclopaedia have been made.
Minor text and grammar corrections in Campaign Modes.
Fix for some German text not fitting into the available text space in the campaign mode user interface.
Improved text formatting in the Objectives panel in Campaign mode.
Added some localisation text fixes for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Polish and Turkish.
Fixed some missing text on the Diplomacy screen in Campaign modes.
Added white outline to Armoured Legionaries unit cards in battle.

venerdì 6 settembre 2013

Prima patch per Rome 2 change log

Ecco il changelog della prima patch per Rome 2:

Higher average frame rates with out-of-the-box settings (more conservative settings)
Fix for DirectX 10.0 Lighting issue reported - environment map wasn't being created leading to black reflections.
Fixed a sunken Samothrace temple complex world wonder on the Campaign map.
Fixed defender being able to create encampments when involved in a combined battle.
Added some localisation fixes to audio packs in French, Russian, Italian, German and Spanish.
Fixed lock up in Multiplayer Campaign battles when a desynchronisation occurs. Players are now notified of the desynchronisation, and the battle ends.
Fixed Multiplayer Campaign battle "overrun" prompt, which was not being shown to a player if they were a reinforcement and the other player was spectating.
Fixed corrupt loading screen when changing to fullscreen / windowed mode after a battle, and then going into another battle.
Fix for Multiplayer Campaign host being unable to move the camera in campaign, after reloading a save game on some rare occasions.
Safe guards added to prevent a very rare crash in coastal assault battles.
Fix for game lock up during end turn sequence / Celtic AI faction turn in single player campaign.
Improved AI use of walls on Athens large settlement battle map.
Improvements to Auto-resolve balancing in Single Player and Multiplayer Campaign modes.
Aligned ship unit upkeep costs with land units - made mercenary ships more expensive and non-mercenary ships cheaper.
Fixed slow turning rates for transport ships.
Improved civil war balancing in relation to campaign difficulty.
Fixed vehicle ground pipes, to prevent Siege Towers becoming immovable when they are left empty during the Deployment Phase of a Siege Battle, then units were moved into the Siege Tower when the battle has started.
Fixed bug when ramming sideways into moving ship, which caused the ramming ship stick to target and strafe along with it in battles.
Reduced the chance of Naval units sometimes clipping through the ground or harbours / ports during Port Assault battles when attempting to disembark.
Fixed issue where armies would be stuck in Muster stance and could not exit that stance in Campaign modes.
Fixed case where spies could get stuck on top of fleets in Campaign modes.
Fixed rare post battle lockup in Campaign modes.
Improved unit pathfinding in Barbarian village battle maps (fixed no go zones).
Fix for Multiplayer Campaign lock up when the player was reinforcing an AI ally who was victorious in battle, causing the player to become stuck with no victory / continue / exit battle user interface functionality.
Fix for cultural influence bonus from the Shrine of Neptune building
Fix for “Zone of Controls” of hidden armies being visible to both players in head to head Multiplayer Campaign mode on mouse-over.
Assorted minor fixes to city battle maps.
Fix for "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day" achievement failing to unlock when its requirements were met in some situations.

domenica 14 luglio 2013

Mitra-mod per Real Warfare 2 Northern Crusades

Dato che il mio account rapidshare sta per scadere, ho deciso di spostare su Dropbox il mitra-mod per Real Warfare 2. Ecco il link: .

Per chi non lo conoscesse ecco il change log:


- Is not possible to do circle if more than the 25% of soldiers is in combat, for avoid too easy circle use for avoid encirclement
- retreat zones: if a not routed grup move on the map angle, it will retreat from the battle like a routed unit; for campaign battle at place of retreat button
- no more displayed the red bases on the enemy units
- now if a group is not visibile on the minimap will be invisible also on the battle map
- the fire on enemy units is stopped if they are in melee with friendly units; the only exception is in the case of short range fire (aimed shoot) if no friendly soldier is in the fire arc)
- implementation of wood zones density: effect on FOW range and visibility, effect on arrows precision, effect on movement velocity
- indirect fire penalty: if between the shooter and the target a friend unit is present the shoot is considered indirect and has precision penalty, with the exception in the case target friendly an shooter are at different height level.
- change of arrows precision on the base or arc and target rank numbers: if the shot is parabolic a bigger number of ranks increase the hits number, a low number decrease it; if the shot arc is low it works at contrary.
- Displayed the influence range of commander: Press X for display it
- Displayed the range of maximum influence of horn sound: Press CTRL+X for display it
- Routines for AI group actions:
Groups form Circle with attacked by Cavalry or a Cavalry unit is very near
Groups go in sparse formations if under fire and not enemy unit is very near
Groups enter in dense formation during the melee
Groups return in normal formation in the other situations
- added new routine for AI cavalry groups
        Groups form Wedge for attack heavy infantry or heavy cavalry
               form line for attack light troops
        They try to avoid infantry troops in circle formation
        if between the target enemy and the attacker there is a heavy infantry unit the attacker is fall back.
- added new routine for crosswbowmen
        now they move with loaded weapon and recharge it also when there is not enemy in range (lock and load)
-  various corrections to previous change
- corrected bug for use the mod in multiplayer
- improved auto-reaction of AI cavalry units (they don't avoid to attack low moral units or thin ranks units)
- AI employ different army formations on the basis of army composition

campaign changes

- possible to play campaign and custom battles with more than 20 units
- when a castle or cities is taken is possible a reconquest army is generated in one of enemy cities, this army will try or to reconquest the town\castle or to defeat the conquerors army
- when a village is burned, if in the town\castle of reference for the village is present a lord\warband\patrol army this will try to defeat the ravagers army (can be the army which attack is less strong than the ravagers).
- added a file config for generate bigger random map (for custom battles and campaign battles); the possible dimensione are 256x256 (the default of game),320x320,384x384,512x512). Enter in the file modsettings.cfg in the gui directory and change the parameters width and height according to your choice. Please note to use the 512x512 only if you have a good memory amount becuase can be heavy to load.

addition after the merge

- reduced the effect of stone weapons on the walls, for increase the value of ladders,towers and rams, and for be more historically realistic.
- added the deploy phase also to field battle during the campaign (no siege battles)

sabato 18 maggio 2013

Nuova Patch per Command Ops

E' stata rilasciata la patch 4.4.263 per Command Ops; ecco il change log:

V4.4.263 – May 17, 2013


• Removed some redundant asserts from the debug version
• Fixed crash in ScenMaker due to units not having estab associated
• Fixed crash when SaveFileLoc.cfg is not available. This normally manifested in Win 8 OS.).

V4.4.262 – May 10, 2013


• Enable units that are retreating and retreat recovering to surrender. Previously, this was restricted to routing, and rout recovering units. Though for retreating and retreat recovering units the enemy must be nearby and they must have been engaged within the last two minutes. This ensures surrounded units surrender in a reasonable time.
• Remove the formation aspect modifier from the fire routines where the range is very close. If covered terrain then reduce the effect. This addresses the issue where a low strength unit never dies (as per Daz's M8 recon units).
• Allow player assigned HHour for attacks to slip automatically during planning process if the earliest possible HHour is later than the assigned one. This ensures the attack is not abandoned because of insufficient time to get to the FUP.
• Added HHour Slipped report to advise the player where the HHour has been automatically slipped in planning.
• Ensure that assaults are not cribbed where the player has assigned a HHour. This assists the player to manually coordinate attacks.

V4.4.261 – April 15, 2013


• Ensure HHour of player orders are not slipped if the player sets the HHour.
• Ensure that the End time of a player order is not slipped if the player sets the HHour and it is still active.
• End times for Bombard and Fire tasks are now correctly set.
• Converted all HTTR Ex Pack data to be compliant with patch.

V4.4.260 – April 9, 2013

Changes and Fixes

• Ensure that StartAtDelayType is passed down through all scheduling code. This prevents attacking forces from waiting at the start of their FUP Reorg. Note this anomaly only affected attacks ordered by human players and did not apply to AI launched attacks.
• Increase max tick count of routes. This addresses Assert at MapVisitTable.cpp 328
• Use PodDoubles to eliminate data overflow inside ScenDump::ModifyPayloadSupplyQuantities(). Fixes assert at PodFloat.inl, line 277.
• Decreased the probability of supply lines being cut.
• Players' orders are disabled while Terrain Tables are recalculated. Player (or players, if it's a multiplayer game) is notified of this via a High Priority report. While the player can't issue any new orders, it is allowed to inspect units and tasks data. Once the Terrain Tables have been stabilizied and all on-going tasks adjusted accordingly, the player is notified that further orders can be issued. This fixes potential crashes after crossings are upgraded or degraded.
• Revised the handling of user-defined H Hours when mission plans are generated and slip to ensure task timings are consistent.
• Fixed a check on user-defined H Hours which under certain conditions deemed a player order with a feasible plan to be unfeasible due to timing constraints.
• Improved task duration estimation for all orders involving movement and assaults.
• H Hour Auto checkbox disabled once assaults are underway.
• Threat assessments for HQs and support units are now ignored if the Bypass option is unchecked on the order settings.

V4.4.259 – March 28, 2013

Changes and Fixes

• Handle cases inside PlanMove where the Route is recalced (because of a slip plan) and the subject is located on the route but not at the start. This ensures that the force does not try and go back to the start of the route. Addresses assert at ScenCommonAI line 7952.
• Handle cases where a force with a delay mission bunkers down and then reassesses, having no blocking tasks. It now will force replan if the bossTask was not a delay or it will abandon its plan if the bossTask was a delay. This addresses assert at TaskDoctrine.cpp, line 7930.
• Ensure that objective Tasks that have already started and whose HHour is not set do not try and slip their HHour even if the bossHHour and bossStart are slipped. This addresses assert at ScenTask 2220.
• Ensure that PlanAttack:AdjustAdvanceRoute() caters for cases where the subject starts on the truncated approach route and therefore doesn't need a join route. This addresses assert at ScenCommonAI 7952.
• Ensure that PlanAttack::DevelopScenarioEndQuickAttack() will not call GetValues() on the attackFG if it not populated. Addresses assert at ScenForceGroup.cpp, line 1070.
• Ensure that the missionTask Hhour is not updated inside PlanAttack::ConfirmTimings() when plans are slipped if the HHour is self assigned. This addresses assert at PlanAttack.cpp, line 5198.
• Ensure that where a unit does not have a current task inside WillRedeployFirebase() that it does not try to call GetPlanningParams(). This addresses access violation st ScenTask 7094.
• Ensure that the plan subject is valid before trying to access its type inside GetIndirectAvailableOnCallSupport(). This fixes a crash that occurred at ScenForceGroupUtils line 378.
• Ensure MapSearchParams is thread safe so that the UI and AI threads can safely calc routes at the same time. This fixes a nasty CTD that can occur when placing multiple waypoints while the game is running fast.
• Ensure that CalcInitialFrontageAndDepth() calls CullSupplyAndFirebasingUnits() so that the frontage and depth excludes the personnel from bases and long range arty.
• Ensure that inside MustWaitForUnitAhead()it only ignores the unit ahead if it has a different task type and is waiting on a receive orders event. This prevents unnecessary formation lockups.
• Added new feature to EstabEditor that enables the user to select the image file for a Side, Nation, Service, Vehicle or Ammo using a standard file requester dialog.
• Added new feature to EstabEditor that displays the name of the opened estab xml document in the title bar.
• Mods to the Estab XML schema to support the change from IDs to actual file references for estab images
• Modify the conversion code for estab databases to automatically convert new estab image file references.
• Modify the EstabManager's XML import and export code to handle new estab image file referencing.
• Added new feature to MapMaker to import and export MapEffects data using CSV spreadsheet file format. This allows the scenario designer the power to compare and edit the different effects for all terrain layers in a spreadsheet table format.
• Ensure that the path finding code is thread-safe. This avoids corrupting data when players assign tasks to forces while the game is running.
• Fixed bug in LOS tool that sometimes displayed location as visible when they were not visible due to intervening terrain.
• Changed LOS tool so that elevation profile lines always point up to the top of the screen.
• Changed LOS tool by reducing scale of elevation profile lines. Improves visualization where there are big differences in elevation.

V4.4.258 – March 4, 2013

Bug Fixes

• Ensure subGroup not added twice when generating right echelon formation. Fixes assert at ScenForceFormation 2612.
• Add extra test to assert at PD 3759 to handle cases where a unit requests extra time to slip its plan and where the boss abandons its plan in the process.
• Ensure that AssessForSubAttacksWhoseReorgsCanBeBroughtForward() aborts cleanly if the force is waiting to receive orders from boss aand has already curtailed the missionTask end. Addresses assert at TaskAttack line 1727.
• Ensure that static arty units assigned to their own mission plan within the onMapBoss's OpPlan are searched when calling GetAvailableOnCallSupport(). This ensures that they get a chance to fire if not in direct support of a particular mission.
• Ensure that dateTimes are validated for local settings.
• Ensure that cases where no valid route can be generated are handled properly throughout the assessment functions.
• Remove and prevent UI loopbacks that were causing task changes not to stick while the game was paused.
• Added new code to assess for stalled moves that will either wait, bypass, or replan depending on a number of factors like are there any subordinates attacking, can we bypass effectively. In the process overhauled the AssessBypass() and ensured that the caution factor was increased each time a bypass attempt was made thus making it more likely the force would select a route that avoided the enemy.
• Added new unit log messages, and player reports for stalled moves.
• Fixed bug inside MustWait() that was allowing filler units to move off even though the unit ahead of them was still receiving his move orders. This should fix cases where support units charge off on their own ahead of the main body.
• Ensure that the nextRouteIndex and nextRouteLoc are used consistently throughout the formation movement code. This avoids formation lockups.
• Ensure that units don't request emergency re-supplies of ammo for which they have no weapon left that can use that ammo type.
• Revise the cap on emergency re-supply ammo qty, ensuring that units get at least something. These two fixes prevent the never ending loop of units requesting emergency ammo that they don't need and also of not getting ammo they do need.
• Ensure that when creating a new route that all exiting waypoints are cleared. This fixes a bug that wasn't clearing the interim waypoint and adding it to the new route, even though it shouldn't.
• Ensure that routing and recovering units do not try and create a new route if they reassess their task. This could see a routing or recovering unit heading back to its objective before it had recovered. This may explain some cases of units retreating toward the enemy.

V4.4.257 – February 15, 2013

Bug Fixes

• Ensure start and end times of advance to reserve task within an attack are maxed to timeNow + 1 min. This fixes assert at ScenTask 2137.
• Ensure that advance to FUP routes ignore truncation where the subject cannot join the approach route before the FUP. Addresses assert at FPRouteOutput.cpp, line 2222.
• Overhaul Formation code ensuring all formations cater for cases where the hub is a line unit. Also modified subGroup generation and offsets across the following formations - line, successive lines, vee, arrowhead, left and right echelon.
• Overhaul UI code for drawing task bounding boxes so that these more closely match the likely formation deployment area and ensure that when the user changes formation settings these are reflected even when the game is paused.
• Tweak the combat code, including reducing the area per man constants, tweaking the global accuracy settings (especially for close range and overlapping forces).
• Teak the reaction code, including decreasing rout threshold (thereby increasing likelihood of retreating), removed double counting of recent casualties, reduced suppression effects applied when retreating and routing in place and substituted instead a reduction in cohesion.
• Ensure attacks are aborted in the planning code if insufficient time. This fixes assert at PlanAttack 10515.
• Ensure that blown crossings are catered for inside the planning of Moves. Fixes assert at PlanMove 5283.
• Use doubles instead of floats to avoid data overflow when determining bombardment area for large caliber guns. Fixes assert at PodFloat 277.
• AutoSave now saves ten saved games every ten minutes. Once it gets to ten it overwrites the oldest one.

V4.4.256 – January 10, 2013

Bug Fixes

• Handle cases where eng unit cannot get any closer to the bridge but is still further than 100m. It now just constructs in place. This addresses FPAsset at SCAI line 8380.
• Upon disbandment ensure that only units whose current loc is passable to the disbanding unit's moveType are considered eligible to receive any disbanded vehicles. This fixes an assert at ScenRoute 1029.
• Ignore code within AllocateForcesToTasks() that tries to preallocated resources to nearby threatened objectives when allocating for attacks. This avoids line units being allocated to the reserve when the reserveLoc is near enemy. Fixes the single assault company issue.
• Restrict preallocation of nearby units to threatened objectives once the currShare of combat power exceeds the required priority share but only after scernario start +30 mins. This ensures that during the at start plan development cnearby units will be allocated even if this wouyld exceed the normal priority share allocation. After 30 mknutes reverts to normal.
• Fixed data overflow - ie number too big for the size allocated - inside ScenSupplyTransportEvent::DetermineLosses(). The code now uses PodDoubles rather than PodFloats. This addresses FPAssert at PodFloat 36.
• Reduced min and max range for routers from 1800-2700m to 1200-2100m.
• Ensure router use "safest" routes - ie stick to cover and avoid enemy firepower.

V4.4.255 – Dec 17, 2012

Overhauled Formation code

• Accounting for variable HubToFrontDistances. Previously set the hubToFrontDistance to hubDepth /2. But this was compressing the deployments where more than 50% of the force was forward of the hub, which was in most cases.
• Modifying the UI so the task bounding box which depicts the force occupied area now uses a hub based on a variable hubToFrontDistance. Because of the need to make this thread safe, changes made while the game is paused such as to task facing may not be reflected till the game starts running.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed issue that was preventing the game running under Windows XP by exluding certain system dependencies from the installer. These included COMDLG32.dll, DSOUND.dll, VERSION.dll and WSOCK32.dll
• Ensure that attack are called off due to lack of time if the shortfall exceeds the assaultDuration. ( PA 10835 )
• Fix Assert in DetermineSlippageResponse() to account for cases where the FUP has been terminated and its times all set to its start. ( MSP 5511 )
• Ensure attackSubHQs determined after independents in End of Scenario attack. ( PA 2343 )
• Ensure that all stored peripheral task force groups are factored into the unitCount inside VerifyPlanForceGroups() regardless of their status ( SMP 4097 )
• Modify Assert inside AssessForSubAttacksWhoseReorgsCanBeBroughtForward() to cater for cases where an attack is scheduled to start next minute while it's status is set to current. ( TA 1789 )
• Ensure that OnCallSpt forces subtracted from Independents before developing end of scenario attacks. This avoids the possibility of allocating the same unit to more than one current task - ie reserve and assault. ( SRF 16165 )
• Ensure that the start of concurrent tasks are not slipped if the sourceTask they are linked to is already current. This prevents continual slipping of complex tasks, where their starts are not coordinated. ( SMP 4228 )
• Prevent the allocation of a forceGroup subject to a task if it is not suitable. ( SFTTAR 4309 )
• Added new member to SlippageTask and modified slippage code to ignore End if nextTask is ignoring its start time. This ensures that linked tasks are slipped and cribbed correctly. ( SMP 4311 )
• Ensure that existing peripheral forceGroups are deducted from the CoreFG at the start of DevelopMissionPlan() ( SMP 4098 )
• Modified code inside TaskMove::ReassessOptions() to only Halt when under serious threat and not just because the unit is not making progress.
• Reduced probability of halting where unit is trying to move away from closest threat and the unit is not co-located with the closest threat.
• Where unit co-located with closest threat but is trying to move away, it will now retreat rather than halt.
• Remove LOS check inside CanFire() where a unit is passed in as unit will be from know visible threats. In other words stop double checking LOS. This ensures that a unit can have a chance to fire at a visible threat and reduced processing - excellent! In testing it increased the number of fire events by 70%.
• Increased range of routs from between 600 and 1200m to 1800 and 2700m
• Added code to give priority to covered terrain when retreating/routing.
• Extensive modification of Fire code both for APer and AArm fire to get more historical casualty results.
• Decreased the probability and quantum of surrenders that occur when a units routs.
• Fixed a number of access violations introduced in last build. ( SRF.inl 143 and PS 342 )
• Added new code to create IndDefendAtFUP task where a force is already at the FUP. It will now defend there till the main assault forces arrive and then it will join them in the FUPReorg and Assault. ( SCAI 7323 )
• Modified ConfirmTimings() for attacks to accomodate new IndDefendAtFUP task.
• Ensure that OnCallSpt forces subtracted from Independents before developing basic and complex attacks. this avoids the possibility of allocating the same unit to more than one current task - ie reserve and assault. ( SRF 16165 )
• Converted Estab files for both BFTB and COTA ensuring that all estab forces have their supplies, firepower counts and capabilities updated. This fixes a problem encountered in the COTA ExPack where bridging units had lost their constrcut bridge capability after the initial conversion.
• Doubled morale degradation for units low on supplies. Now such units lose around 30% morale per day. Cannot reduce below 20% for this purpose.
• Ensure the missionPlan is replanned in cases where the assault has ended and there is no final reorg task ( SPS 18063 )
• Ensure that a plan is not already in opPlan->pendingPlans before adding it. Ths avoid referenced corpse ( GameDiagnostic 1029 )
• Ensure that fuel vehicles from returning transport columns are not added as equipment to bases whose estab does not have any fuel vehicles. (SFGV 1378 )
• Ensure that independent advance to FUP and indepenedent defend at FUP tasks are properly linked as concurrent tasks. (PodDB 614 )
• Added code to check if the forces assigned to the advanceToFUP task are alreay near the FUP. If all are narby then the advanceToFUP task is killed off. If part, then the nearby forces are subtracted from its forceGroup and go on hold till the FUPReorg, leaving the rest to advance to the FUP. (SCAI 7323)
• Prevent face changing for assaulting units and those moving in road column
• Default the task settings for ArtyDirectFireOnly to true for attacks and probes
• Added the registrationTime to remainingDuration in bombardment events. This ensures that the arty unit fires for at least the specified number of minutes.
• Now cap maxSuppression to 75% for direct fire and to 85% for indirect fire when the target is in covered terrain.
• Reduced max registration times from 15 to 5 minutes and increased the range denominator from 200 to 500. Rego time = min( 5, range / 500 ). The overall effect is to reduce registration times for arty fire. Fatigue and training can increase time by up to 56% to a max of 8 minutes.
• OnCallSpt bombardment duration now reduced if arty ammo level below 50%.
• Ensured suitability iterator updated before allocating resources to nearby objectives.
• Overhauled Halting code to reduce instances of halting.
• Fix crash inside ScenRoute when the taskLoc == leaveLoc and the effEndIndex is not adjusted correctly.
• Added new Scenario Statistics feature to ScenMaker.
• Added new Cull Inactive Units feature to ScenMaker.
• Culled Inactive units from all converted COTA scenarios.
• Turned off FPAssert at ScenPlanScheduling.cpp, line 14529. There still occurs from time to time cases where a support units will be left without an order for some as yet to be explained reason. They get new orders after replanning. Given the rarity of this and the difficulty in determining the cause I have opted to ignore it.
• Ensured the sort function CompareResourcesByAscendingSizeDescendingSuitability() has a valid comparitor when both resources are not suitable.
• Ditto for CompareResourcesByHQsAndDescendingSuitability().
• Fixed bug in Terrain Popup which was adding the base altitude to the spot height, which it should not have done.
• Ensured that Impassable Cliffs in the Malta map had zero move effect for motorised units.
• Rebuilt the Sidi Rezeh map to eliminate data corruption.
• Fixed bug in Debug version when autoStaffSupport selected for human player. Recompile of Tools and Game PCHs required.

New Features

• Added new AssessForStalledAttack() reassessment code. It now checks to see if an attack should be called off if subordinates are halting.
• Modified the code that prioritieses objectives. If a nearby enemy ( ie one within 3000m ) is closer to another objective then its values are reduced. This has the effect of reducing the amount of friendly forces assigned to friendly objectives and helps maintain momentum in an advance.

giovedì 16 maggio 2013

Rilasciato Lost Battles e nuova patch per WITE

E' stata rilasciata l'espansione Lost Battles per War in the East, assieme alla nuova patch. Sembra che la vita utile di WITE si sia prolungata rispetto alle aspettative, che lo volevano alla fine del suo sviluppo.!

Qui il change log della nuova patch:

V1.07.08– May 16, 2013

• New Features and Rule Changes

1. Formula Change - Greatly reduced the chance that a unit below its national morale will receive the die(10% of national morale) increase in morale.

• Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a bug that was allowing non-recon air groups to transfer to German Army Airbases (the new rule created in 1.07.07 was not working correctly).
2. Fixed a bug where the “Restore ground element upgrade paths” question was not showing up properly during Multiplayer games.

• Data and Scenario Changes

1. In games where the AI is playing the Axis side, the Soviet player will be asked whether to restore ground element upgrade paths per the change in version 1.07.07. Also, in games started with version 1.07.07 or later, the restore question will not be asked (as the upgrade paths have already been reinstated in the data).
2. Correction for the 1.07.07 readme:
Restored 2 ground element upgrade paths listed below (these are restored along with the German upgrade paths in existing games if the player answers yes to the question):
0299 Rifle Squad (Hungarian) to 0298 Rifle Squad (Hungarian)
0316 Rifle Squad (Slovakian) to 0315 Rifle Squad (Slovakian)

V1.07.07– April 29, 2013

• New Features and Rule Changes

1. New Rule - Only recon air groups may be transferred to German Army Airbases. No air groups may be assigned directly from the National Reserve to German Army Airbases.

• Data and Scenario Changes

3. Restored four German ground element upgrade paths listed below. In existing games, the German player will be asked once whether they wish to “Restore Ground Element Upgrade Paths”. If yes, then the upgrade paths below will be set, otherwise the ground elements will remain with no upgrade path and the player will not be asked again.
0081 Rifle Squad upgrades to 0082 Rifle Squad
0084 Pioneer Squad upgrades to 0085 Pioneer Squad
0094 Motorized Rifle Squad upgrades to 0096 Motorized Rifle Squad
0114 Fallschirmjager Squad upgrades to 0115 Fallschirmjager Squad
4. Corrected start date of the Soviet 42 Flamethrower Company (OB 383) from 5/42 to 7/42.
5. Minor changes to recently added German leaders.
6. Restored 2 ground element upgrade paths listed below:
0298 Rifle Squad (Hungarian) to 0299 Rifle Squad (Hungarian)
0315 Rifle Squad (Slovakian) to 0316 Rifle Squad (Slovakian)

V1.07.06– April 12, 2013

• New Features and Rule Changes

1. Rule Clarifications – HQ and airbase units do not receive the motorized bonus to national morale. Units do not gain morale while routed. Units may only gain morale outside of combat if their morale is less than 10 points above their national morale, or less than 50, whichever is greater.

• Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a bug that prevented a part of rule 9.1.1 from functioning correctly. Units that were below their national morale were not getting the chance to gain morale simply due to the fact that they were below the national morale. Now they get the chance, and if they go up (they must pass various checks), they will receive an increase of die(10% of their national morale), but not to exceed the national morale.
2. Fixed a bug that prevented Soviet players from being able to create new flak units at cities.

V1.07.04– April 4, 2013

• New Features and Rule Changes

1. Rule Change – Ground combat in a hex can no longer cause damage to a port in the hex.

• Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a bug that prevented Don to the Danube scenarios from being playable in Multiplayer.

• Data and Scenario Changes

Updated WitE Campaigns and many smaller scenarios
1. German airgroups updated to the latest versions of aircraft
2. Soviet partisan MPs zeroed out
3. Hungarian 39M Armored Car Factory removed

V1.07.03– March 15, 2013

• New Features and Rule Changes

1. Change in Save Game Structure – Games that are saved using a 1.07.00 version or later are saved in such a way that they may only be loaded successfully by a 1.07.00 or later version. This change was made to eliminate the potential of players using earlier versions of the game to take advantage of possible exploits..
2. New Rule – The maximum MPs for Soviet Tank and Motorized Divisions in 1942 are 25.
3. AI Improvements – Made several AI adjustments, including improvements to the AI’s line forming function, improvements to its use of support units (getting them out of rear HQ’s and into active HQs), and improvements to its overuse of counterattacks that put the AI’s units in dangerous situations.

• Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a bug that allowed fort units to attach an unlimited number of construction support units.
2. Fixed a rare AI bug that could cause units from both sides to temporarily occupy the same hex.
3. Fixed a bug that could prevent a destroyed German unit from returning to the game to be rebuilt.
4. Fixed a bug that could prevent the save game screen from closing when the ESC key was pressed.
5. Fixed a bug with the set production usage interface in the editor screen.
6. Fixed a bug with highlighting of Soviet Corps breakdown units.
7. Fixed a bug that caused an attempt to build a Gun Artillery Division in 1943 to instead build a Heavy Artillery Division.

• Data and Scenario Changes

1. Changed frontal armor of IS-1 and early IS-2 and side armor of IS-3.
2. Corrected the Italian Labor Squad’s speed and size and the SU-76’s fuel use.
3. Corrected the availability date of several Soviet leaders to June 1941. These leaders are commanding Corps in June 1941 but were incorrectly listed in the game data as not being available until later.
4. Corrected the missing build cost for Rumanian, Hungarian and Soviet Labor Squads.
5. Changed 41b Tank Division end date to 12/41.


martedì 9 aprile 2013

Rilasciata patch 1.06a per Revolution Under Siege

Rilasciata oggi una nuova patch per RUS, ecco il change log:

Duplicate Aliases resolved in Colors, Fonts, Move Types, Terrains, Sounds
Aliases corrected in:
Settings file AI.opt
Scenario setups:
Ice March
Grand Campaign
1918 November
1919 May
Drang Nach Osten [several events and options files]
Poland Scenario
Get New Leader Options for Grand Campaign, 1918 November, 1919 May
White Diplomatic Options
Southern White Faction file [GBR Army Name Region reference]
Leader graphics updates for 19 leaders
New leader graphics for RED E. Haapalainen and WH5 G.E. Shaplin
Updates to Spanish translations
Leader biographies translated to English
Latest LocalStrings_AGE included

lunedì 11 marzo 2013

Rilasciata megapatch per War in the East

Oggi Matrix Games Ha rilasciato una nuova mega patch per Gary Grigsby War in the East;

ecco il change log:

V1.06.27 – March 11, 2013

• New Features and Rule Changes

1. Production Change – Size 0 factories will now expand if they are past their start date.
2. Formula Change – Adjusted the way staging bases are selected for providing ground support aircraft to ground battles.
3. Editor – Improved the Upgrade all OB function. This function should be used only at the beginning of building a scenario (once the unit list has been created), as it often requires units to be rebuilt.
4. AI Improvement – Made a small improvement in how the AI builds lines in small scenarios.
5. PBEM - A possible exploit in PBEM games was identified and removed from the game. We suggest players use the latest version when playing PBEM.

• Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a bug causing the end game screen not to appear properly in small scenarios.
2. Fixed a bug where destroyed German units that were rebuilt were coming back with 10 less morale than they should have.
3. Fixed a bug where the CSV export could get corrupted if a name field is at the maximum value of 40 characters.

Data and Scenario Changes

1. Red Army Resurgent 42-43 Scenario - Corrected the starting MPs of the 1st Gds Mech Corps by setting it to 0 as the unit is frozen at the start.

V1.06.25 – December 28, 2012

• New Features and Rule Changes

1. Rule Change – Frozen support units are now reset during the logistics phase so they are not frozen. The intention is that support units should not be frozen.
2. Rule Change – Soviet factories no longer rise to their build limit on the turn they become active. Axis were already not rising starting with version 1.06.22. Both Soviet and Axis factories will not increase in size before their start date.

• Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a bug where Unready/depleted support units were not filtered correctly in the CR screen.
2. Fixed a bug in the data table for the support needs of certain ground element types. Heavy AT Guns now require 10 support (instead of 0), Light AT Guns require 2 support (instead of 0) and Heavy Infantry Guns require 12 support (instead of 1). These numbers are the amount of support required by 10 elements of the given type of ground element.
3. Fixed a bug where in some cases, mouse clicks on certain areas of the CR screen were not being recognized.
4. Fixed a bug where the number of available support units was not always displayed correctly (when assigning/forming support units).
5. Fixed a rare crash bug caused by using the Prev TOE(OB) option in the TOE window.
6. Fixed a bug that could cause prevent fighters from flying escort for air transport missions.
7. Fixed a bug causing the Demjansk scenario, and possibly other very small scenarios to end prematurely.

• Data and Scenario Changes

1. Made minor corrections in the wrob.dat and wrdevice.dat files to improve the flow of production into units.

V1.06.23 – December 16, 2012

• New Features and Rule Changes

1. Rule Change - Generic factories (ARM, HI, etc) with a non zero build limit and with factory size above it were being reduced to the build limit starting with version 1.06.22. Now, these factories are not affected by the reduction rule added in 1.06.22.
2. Formula Change – Adjusted Dive bombers accuracy when bombing cities.
3. Formula Change - Adjusted night bombing accuracy.
4. Formula Change - Adjusted city bombing routine.

• Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a bug where aircraft factories above the build limit were not being reduced to the build limit as intended by the changes in 1.06.22.
2. Fixed a bug where Soviet numbered air armies could get renamed.

V1.06.22 – November 29, 2012

• New Features and Rule Changes

1. New Rule – Air transport missions may only be flown by air groups that are located on airbases within 5 MPs of a supply source (rail net).
2. New Rule – Factories that are moved may not be moved again for twenty turns. The turn when it will be able to move again is shown on the city display when in rail transfer mode.
3. New Rule – Heavy Tank Brigades may not be used to form Soviet Corps.
4. Changes to Production Formulas
a) Axis factories no longer rise to their build limit on the turn they become active.
b) Factories with a size of 0 that have an expansion rate greater than 0 will no longer receive damage of 1 when they reach their availability date.
c) Factories that are set to values larger than their build limit will be set to their build limit during the next production cycle.
5. Changes to Equipment Scrapping, Swapping and Upgrading Formulas
a) Scrapping of ground equipment now begins exactly 12 months after the last month/year availability date, instead of at the start of the next calendar year after the last year of availability.
b) AFVs are no longer scrapped if they are being used by any units in the game.
c) Ground elements below 10 in the pool can be scrapped at a rate of 1 per turn so the pool will eventually be emptied.
d) Modified ground element and aircraft swapping to give priority to newer equipment.
e) Increased the chance to swap aircraft. Depleted groups still have a higher chance to swap.
f) Captured equipment will no longer upgrade to other captured equipment using the upgrade routines. They may swap out the captured equipment for other captured or normal equipment.
6. Changes to Combat Formulas
a) Reduced the fire of artillery elements during bombardment (2-hex) combat (primarily reduced the fire of defending artillery).
b) Defensive fire will be reduced to conserve ammunition if the attacker is relatively very small (roughly less than half the size of the defender).
c) If an artillery element is firing with its non-main gun devices only, 1/10 of the standard ammunition is used.
d) Removed very large ammo usage spikes by artillery ground elements in battle.
7. New Feature – Added event log messages when air groups withdraw.
8. Code Optimization – Optimized support unit assignment interface code.

• Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a bug where air groups that flew missions to the same hex that their airbase was located in were not being charged miles flown. Now a nominal amount of miles flown is charged to the air group. This will prevent heavy bombers from being able to fly repeated air transport missions in the same turn when flying to their same hex.
2. Fixed a bug that was preventing support units from receiving supplies when attached to units involved in a HQ buildup. This bug was causing the support units to lose morale and gain fatigue.
3. Fixed a bug that was causing partisan units to erroneously lose morale.
4. Fixed a bug in the editor where clicking on a location ID performed an unintended delete of the location.
5. Fixed a bug that was causing mountain units to pay 4 MP’s when moving through a mountain pass instead of the intended 3 MPs (since mountain units pay 3 MPs for any mountain hex).
6. Fixed a bug that made changing the HQ attachment of a broken down Soviet corps cost less APs than it should have. As of version 1.05.53 it should have followed these rules: When a broken down unit from a Soviet Corps of any kind changes its HQ attachment, all broken down units that are a part of that Corps will also change their HQ attachment. The cost for this change in HQ will be equal to the cost of changing the Corps.
7. Fixed a bug where an artillery unit attacking across an impassable river hexside could end up with negative movement points.
8. Fixed a bug that prevented the Soviet player from building new regular Mortar Brigades and Tank Brigades at times during 1944/45.
9. Fixed a bug in the AI where it could warp a unit into an overstack situation inside a pocket.
10. Fixed a bug where the game could freeze when all Soviet supply centers were captured. The game will now end if all supply centers of one side are captured.
11. Fixed two bugs with partisan units. In the first bug the partisan unit could end up with MPs, in the second it could end up stacked with an enemy unit.
12. Fixed a bug that prevented support units from getting ground element upgrades.
13. Fixed a bug preventing units attached to a city from upgrading/swapping ground elements.
14. Fixed a bug preventing artillery support units directly attached to a unit defending in a bombardment combat from being able to commit to the battle.

• Data and Scenario Changes

An update was made to the campaign scenario files and OB and Device data files. Going along with this data update, several programming changes were made to improve production. The logic behind the changes and the changes themselves are detailed below.
Developer’s Notes by Jim Wirth: The primary focus of this data update was to correct Axis production for errors and omissions resulting from scenario changes and developments introduced after production was originally setup as well as from missing or erroneous data. In addition a few changes were made to some of the German armor ratings not resulting from new information but rather due to either applying a more consistent methodology to calculating the values or incorporating data previously ignored, such as the pre-Barbarossa armor upgrade of the Panzer IIc. In some cases to get game production as close to historical as possible Production Start and End Dates were shifted a month or two in either direction. Finally to compensate as much as possible for the effect of using the production period for the service life when determining if a particular ground element (primarily AFVs) is subject to scrapping, the Production End Date was extended to the first month of a subsequent year. For example, the Panzer Ib which actually went out of production in June, 1937 has a Production End Date of January, 1941. Panzer Ibs will now not start being scrapped until 1942. Unfortunately this work-a-round can only be used for elements either not in production before June, 1941 or which upgrade in the course of the game. The one area of Axis production which was not changed was factory locations. It was the decision of the design and development team to defer those changes to subsequent games in the series.
Detailed changes to the Axis AFVs are as follows:

1. Panzer Ib (0001) – Production End Date changed from 6/37 to 1/41.
2. Panzer IIc (0002) – Frontal Armor increased by 15 (Note: All Panzer IIcs had additional armor added prior to Barbarossa); Production End Date changed from 4/40 to 1/42.
3. Panzer IIf (0003) – Initial Factory Size decreased by 2; Build Limit decreased by 2. Production End Date changed from 12/42 to 2/43.
4. Panzer IIL (0004) – Build Limit reduced by 1.
5. Flammpanzer II (0005) – Production End Date changed from 3/42 to 1/42.
6. Panzer IIIe (0006) – Production End Date changed from 7/40 to 1/41.
7. Panzer IIIj L/60 (0009) – Build Limit increased by 2.
8. Panzer IIIm (0010) – Build Limit decreased by 1.
9. Panzer IIIn (0011) – Build Limit decreased by 1.
10. Flammpanzer III (0012) – Build Limit increased by 10.
11. Panzer 35(t) (0013) – Production End Date changed from 12/38 to 1/41.
12. Panzer 38(t) (0014) – Production End Date changed from 10/40 to 1/41.
13. Panzer 38(t)E (0015) – Side Armor decreased by 4; Build Limit increased by 4; Expansion Rate increased by 1.
14. Panzer IVg L/43 (0020) – Build Limit decreased by 1.
15. Panzer IVh (0021) – Production End Date changed from 6/44 to 1/45; Expansion Rate decreased by 1.
16. Panther A (0023) – Production End Date changed from 4/44 to 1/45. Expansion Rated decreased by 2.
17. Panther G (0024) – Build Limit decreased by 2
18. Tiger (0025) – Production Start Date changed from 7/42 to 8/42; Production End Date changed from 12/44 to 8/44; Build Limit increased by 1.
19. King Tiger (0026) – Frontal Armor increased by 5; Production Start Date changed from 1/44 to 2/44.
20. Brummbar (0027) – Name changed to Sturmpanzer IV; Reliability Rating changed from 25 to 30.
21. Stug IIIb (0028) – Build Limit decreased by 2.
22. StuH42 (0029) – Production Start Date changed from 10/42 to 12/42; Production End Date changed from 2/45 to 9/45. (Note: Rate of production based on historical.)
23. Stug IIIf (0030) – Frontal Armor decreased by 23; Production End Date changed from 11/42 to 5/42; Build Limit decreased by 4. (Note: See Note to Stug IIIg.)
24. Stug IIIg (0031) – Bow (actually coaxial) Machinegun removed; Frontal Armor increased by 7; Production Start Date changed from 12/42 to 6/42; Ammo Use decreased by 18; Build Cost deceased by 2; Build Limit decreased by 2; Expansion Rate increased by 1. (Note: Historically half the Stug IIIfs did not received an armor upgrade and all of these were armed with the 75mm L/43 gun. The remainder of Stug IIIfs and all Stug IIIf/8s had the additional armor and 31 of the Stug IIIfs and all of the Stug IIIf/8s had the 75mm L/48 gun. Previously in the game the Stug IIIfs and the Stug IIIf/8s were combined and all had the additional armor and the 75mm L/43 gun. Historically only some (amount unknown) late production Stug IIIgs had the coaxial machinegun, the only feature that in game terms distinguished them from the Stug IIIfs/f8s with additional armor and the 75mm L/48 gun. By removing the coaxial machinegun from the Stug IIIg its production could be combined with that of the late model Stug IIIf and Stug IIIf/8 resulting in game production within 2% of historical.)
25. Jagdpanzer IV (0032) – Frontal Armor increased by 11; Side Armor increased by 2; Top Armor Increased by 4; Build Limit increased by 3; Production End Date changed from 9/44 to 1/45.
26. Marder II (SdKfz-132) (0034) – Production End Date changed from 6/43 to 9/43; Build Limit decreased by 1; Expansion Rate decreased by 1.
27. Marder II (SdKfz-131) (0035) – Expansion Rate increased by 1.
28. Marder III (0036) – Build Limit decreased by 2; Production End Date changed from 4/44 to 1/45.
29. Panzerjager 38(t) (0037) – Build Limit decreased by 1; Expansion Rate decreased by 1; Production End Date changed from 10/42 to 1/43.
30. Nashorn (0038) – Production Start Date changed from 2/43 to 3/43.
31. Hetzer (0039) – Frontal Armor decreased by 4; Build Limit reduced by 5; Expansion Rate decreased by 1.
32. Jagdpanzer IV/70(V) (0041) – Frontal Armor decreased by 10; Side Armor decreased by 6; Top Armor decreased by 1; Build Limit decreased by 2; Expansion Rate decreased by 1.
33. Jagdpanther (0042) – Initial Factory size decreased by 1; Frontal Armor decreased by 7; Top Armor increased by 2; Production Start Date changed from 1/44 to 2/44.
34. Elefant (0043) – Side Armor decreased by 8; Reliability Rating changed from 40 to 45.
35. Jagdtiger (0044) – Frontal Armor increased by 15; Top Armor increased by 2; Production Start Date changed from 7/44 to 8/44.
36. Hummel (0046) – Build Limit increased by 3.
37. SdKfz-10/4 (0048) – Initial Factory Size increased by 2; Build Limit increased by 2; Production End Date changed from 12/44 to 1/44.
38. Flakpanzer 38(t) (0049) – Frontal Armor increased by 4; Build Limit increased by 2; Expansion Rate increased by 1; Production End Date changed from 2/44 to 1/45.
39. Wirbelwind (0050) – Initial Factory Size increased by 1; Build Limit decreased by 2; Expansion Rate decreased by 3; Production End Date changed from 11/44 to 1/45.
40. Ostwind (0051) – Crew Size reduced by 1; Expansion Rate increased by 1.
41. sIG33 (0052) – Production End Date changed from 2/40 to 1/42.
42. sIG33 Grille (0053) – Crew Size deceased by 1; Build Limit decreased by 8; Expansion Rate decreased by 1. (Note: This vehicle “swapped” data base slots with the sIG33 (SdKfz-138) to reduce scenario edits.)
43. SdKfz-221(0054) – Production End Date changed from 5/40 to 1/41.
44. SdKfz-231 (0056) – Production End Date changed from 9/43 to 1/44.
45. SdKfz-234/1 (0057) – Production End Date changed from 1/45 to 10/44.
46. SdKfz-234/2 (0058) – Production Start Date changed from 9/43 to 1/44.
47. SdKfz-234/3 (0059) – Production End Date changed from 11/44 to 1/45.
48. SdKfz-234/4 (0060) – Build Limit increased by 1.
49. SdKfz-251/1 (0062) – Initial Factory Size decreased by 2: Build Limit decreased by 6; Expansion Rate decreased by 1; Production End Date changed from 8/43 to 1/44. (Note: All the SdKfz-251 variants were being over-produced and corrected to not exceed 40% of total production.)
50. SdKfz-251/10 (0063) – Initial Factory Size increased by 2; Build Limit decreased by 13; Expansion Rate decreased by 1.
51. SdKfz-251/2 (0064) – Initial Factory Size decreased by 6; Build Limit decreased by 6; Production End Date changed from 8/43 to 1/44.
52. SdKfz-251/1 (0065) – Build Limit decreased by 10.
53. SdKfz-233 (0066) – Build Limit deceased by 1.
54. SdKfz-251/17 (0090) – Build Limit decreased by 9.
55. SdKfz-251/22 (0107) – Build Limit decreased by 6; Expansion Rate decreased by 1.
56. Mobelwagen (0117) – Build Limit decreased by 1; Expansion Rate decreased by 1.
57. Panzer IVj (0125) – Build Limit increased by 3; Expansion Rate increased by 1.
58. SdKfz-251/9 (0126) – Build Limit decreased by 12.
59. SdKfz-6/2 (0127) – Production End Date changed from 12/43 to 5/42.
60. Stug IV (0170) – Build Limit increased by 1; Expansion Rate decreased by 1.
61. CV-33 (0177) – Production End Date changed from 12/41 to 1/42.
62. L6/40 (0178) – Production End Date changed from 9/42 to 1/43.
63. M-11/39 (0179) – Production End Date changed from 11/40 to 1/41.
64. M-13/40 (0180) – Initial Factory Size decreased by 1; Build Limit decreased by 1; Production End Date changed from 12/42 to 1/43.
65. M-15/42 (0181) – Production End Date changed from 9/45 to 8/43.
66. Semovente L40 da 47 (0183) – Production End Date changed from 2/43 to 4/43; Build Limit increased by 7.
67. Semovente M40 da 75 (0184) – Production End Date changed from 12/42 to 1/43.
68. Semovente M43 da 105 (0185) – Production End Date changed from 9/45 to 8/43.
69. Autoblinda (0187) – Initial Factory Size decreased by 1; Production Start Date changed from 1/40 to 1/41; Production End Date changed from 9/45 to 8/43; Build Limit decreased by 1.
70. Semovente M42 da 75 (0188) – Production Start Date changed from 3/43 to 5/43; Production End Date changed from 9/45 to 8/43; Build Limit increased by 1.
71. SdKfz-7/1 (0209) – Initial Factory Size decreased by 1; Production Start Date changed from 6/41 to 4/40; Production End Date changed from 9/43 to 10/44; 26 vehicles in 1941 pool; Expansion Rate decreased by 1.
72. SdKfz-7/2 (0210) – Initial Factory Size decreased by 2; Crew Size decreased by 3; Build Limit increased by 3.
73. Panzerjager 38(t)H (0216) – Build Limit increased by 1; Production End Date changed from 3/43 to 1/44.
74. Panzer 38(t) Aufklarer (0217) – Build Limit decreased by 2; Expansion Rate decreased by 1.
75. sIG33 (SdKfz-138) (0218) – Build Limit decreased by 3; Expansion Rate decreased by 1. (Note: See 42 above.)
76. Panzer IIIj L/42 (0219) – Build Limit increased by 2.
77. SdKfz-251/2 (0220) – Build Limit decreased by 10.
78. Panzer IVg L/48 (0221) – Build Limit increased by 1; Expansion Rate increased by 1; Production End Date changed from 4/43 to 1/44.
79. OA vz.30 (0225) – Production End Date changed from 12/41 to 1/42.
80. CKD-R1 (0226) – Production End Date changed from 12/42 to 1/43.
81. Vanatorul de care R-35 (0230) – Production End Date changed from 12/44 to 7/44.
82. TACAM T-60 (0237) – Production Start Date changed from 7/43 to 2/43; Production End Date changed from 9/45 to 9/43.
83. TACAM R-2 (0238) – Production Start Date changed from 7/44 to 1/44; Production End Date changed from 9/45 to 5/44.
84. Toldi II (0278) – Initial Factory Size decreased by 3; Production End Date changed from 6/42 to 2/42; Build Limit decreased by 1.
85. Turan-I (0279) – Initial Factory Size decreased by 1; Production Start Date changed from 9/41 to 11/41; Production End Date changed from 6/43 to 1/43; Build Limit decreased by 1.
86. Turan-II (0280) – Production Start Date changed from 7/43 to 2/43; Production End Date changed from 12/44 to 5/44.
87. Nimrod (0287) – Production End Date changed from 12/42 to 11/42; Build Limit increased by 2; Expansion Rate increased by 1.
88. 39M CSABA (0288) – Production End Date changed from 9/45 to 1/45; Build Limit decreased by 1; (Note: All CSABAs were produced prior to Barbarossa.)
89. Toldi IIa (0303) – Production Start Date changed from 1/43 to 7/42; Production End Date changed from 10/43 to 12/43; Build Limit decreased by 1.
90. Zrinyi II (0307) – Production Start Date changed from 1/43 to 5/43; Production End Date changed from 12/44 to 6/44.
91. LT-38 (0333) – Production End Date changed from 12/42 to 12/41.
92. LT-40 (0335) – Production End Date changed from 12/42 to 4/42.

Other Data Changes:
1. Renamed OB 336 from 41 Sturm Division to 41c Infantry Division. It will upgrade to a Sturm division (OB 337) in 1943.
2. Fixed several problems with German Cavalry brigades in all the Campaign scenarios and the Decision in the Ukraine scenario by using new Cavalry Brigade OBs.
3. The French Volunteer Regiment now uses the 44 Infantry Regiment OB in the 44 Campaign.
4. Changed Soviet rocket launchers to single device elements with adjusted ROF.
5. Changed 41 Infantry Regiment OB to upgrade to the 43 Infantry Regiment.