martedì 26 novembre 2013

Combat Mission: Fortress Italy v1.12 patch

Anche Fortress Italy è stato aggiornato con la patch 1.12, trovate il link qui:

Ecco il change log:

Generally improved graphics, including FPS and quality improvements, and better support for faster video cards
Bridge navigation problems corrected
ATG issues when setting up near walls and bocage corrected
AA guns can no longer incorrectly limber near walls and bocage
Passenger vulnerability in soft skinned vehicles increased
German halftrack gunners lowered to a more accurate protective stance
Vehicles using Pause do not have accuracy reduced as if they are still moving
PIAT max range reduced to 180m
"Ditch Contours" feature
TO&E changes:
Italian HMG ammo bearers now carry HMG ammunition again.
British Infantry Branch now has a Forward Observer Section available for purchase in Quick Battles.
Polish now have Stuart (Recce) available in recce platoons for armoured regiments.
Polish Sherman variants availability adjusted: Sherman I removed, Sherman III (early) added. Note that this change will not affect existing scenarios.
Canadian Sherman variants availability adjusted: only the Sherman V is available to armoured regiments, while the Sherman II exclusively equips the armoured recce regiments. Note that this change will not affect existing scenarios.
Canadians Mech Infantry branch option for Quick Battles is no longer available before February 1944.
Various minor bug fixes

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