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Rilasciata patch v1.06 per Strategic Command WWI 1914-1918 The Great War

E' stata rilasciata la nuova patch per Strategic Command WWI 1914-1918 The Great War; il link per il download è qui: .

Ecco il change log:

fixed a war map display error that would show the war map incorrectly when using the map zoom features in full screen mode (Winti, Lettowvorbeck
fixed a resource flag display error that would show the war map incorrectly when using the map zoom features in full screen mode (Winti)
fixed an ARMISTICE script error that would cause friendly units to incorrectly leave friendly ports (xwormwood)
fixed an escort range highlight display error for minor country air units (Lucas)
fixed a FREE UNIT error that would leave free units in the port of a surrendered country (MJY)
mouse hovering over a unit on the map will now display the unit info at the bottom left hand corner of the game information area (Winti)
AI will now swap units under the right combat and reorganizational conditions
captured resources for a surrendered country no longer increase the National Morale of the occupier (Sapare)

EDITOR CHANGES1939 Storm over Europe
Soviet mobilization now set to increase by 40-50%, up from 15-20%, when the Germans do not honor the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact
French morale increased by 5000 points
French morale will now fall by 5000 points once Paris is captured
Bordeaux added as a secondary capital for France
If there are no British units within 10 tiles of Paris when it falls, France will suffer a 5,000 National Morale penalty, on top of the 5,000 penalty for Paris falling.
When playing against the Axis AI, there will be a penalty of 1,500 National Morale points to France when Paris falls, per difficulty level. This is in addition to both penalties mentioned above.

Main WWI campaigns
Reduced Seaplane Carrier Naval Defense from 2 to 1, and Carrier defense from 4 to 2.
Athens Detachment deployed at Athens at half strength (Sapare), apart from in Fate of Nations.
Amended Serbian, Dutch and Belgian Free Unit scripts so that if their country is liberated, and then surrenders again, units in exile should continue the fight.
Reduced the cost to the UK of deploying General Hamilton in the Mediterranean from 200 to 100 MPPs.
The chance of German naval units operating in the Atlantic annoying the USA has been increased from 2 to 4% per Entente turn, and if there is more than one naval unit present, from 2 to 6% in Central Powers turns. The increase will be 1-2% and 2-4% respectively (Ludi1867).
From the 1st January 1916, after Russia surrenders or pulls out of the war, the USA has a 50% chance per turn of moving 1-2% towards the Entente per turn (Kommandant).
Added in some National Morale scripts for when the Ruhr falls to the Entente (Honch).
Romania now swings to the Entente when the Austro-Hungarians lose their fortresses, and Entente forces invade the Empire.
Romania now swings 30-40% to the Entente when the Austro-Hungarians give away Trento-Trieste to Italy.
Unrestricted Naval Warfare now has a 100% chance of upsetting the USA every turn it is used, and the swing to the Entente will be 1-5% (Ludi1867).
Call to Arms and Triple Alliance Decision/Strategy Guides updated.
British blockade pop up advice changed to mention the negative effect this will have on the USA (Xwormwood).
Attack Morale Boost reduced from 0.1 to 0.05; Attack Victory from 0.3 to 0.2.
Prepared Attack Bonus reduced from 45% to 30%.
Terrain near Lemberg amended.
Road added in to the east of Tirana.
Adana and the road and rail network moved.
Kars changed into a city.

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