domenica 16 febbraio 2014

Civil War II patch 1.03

Uscita la nuova patch per Ageod's Civil War II. La patch può essere scaricata qui: oppure tramite l'updater automatico

Qui il change log:

Gameplay / Game Logic (improvements & fixes)
Development level reduction done by regional decisions was not working.
Land mine decision can now affect cities, not only forts.
Messages on decisions with tests and conditions reworked so they are easier to understand when not successful.
Ability sending command points modifier to subordinate stacks had a bug resulting in double modifiers sometime.
New option added in Menu\Options to play with ‘hidden activation’.

Some abilities icons fixed.
* Added models and units for new flavor unit (USA Flotilla Bde.)
* Changed Mussel Shoals to forbid navigation up the Tennessee past the river region

Combat Power indicated on each map counter will be the sum of all combat powers of all stacks of the region.
Combat Power and the 3 gauges (hits, cohesion, Supply) only appear on enemy counters if there is at least 2 extra detection points toward the enemy stack.
Replay feature makes a comeback (experimental support!). If your current turn has a replay, then invoke the console and type loadreplay. Once the console has finished loading, you can hit space to start/pause/resume replay or hit escape to abort it.

Historical setting and events
Additional flavor units added at historical time: Cable Brigade, Texas Greyhounds, Waul Legion, Iron Cavalry Bde, Thomas’ Legion.
Sioux uprising event improved.
Fixed missing images (Kentucky)
Fixed texts (e.g. Virginia commissioned)
Added events for new Flavor Bde.

AI has been improved on sending supply wagons and artilleries.
AI has been improved on resupplying algorithm.

Game Balance
Several tweaks for CSA and USA.
Things that would benefit CSA:
1) Add one more CSA draft card each year. They would receive 4 to current Union 8 cards (1:2 ratios).
2) Add 2 more cotton warehouses to the CSA, for a total of 5 (New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah, Mobile, Wilmington).
3) Add 4 barracks (New Orleans San Antonio, Macon, and Raleigh).
4) Add 6 VP to CSA production by increasing Objective value of New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah and Mobile.
5) Double troops from mobilization options
6) Increase money options yield from 400 to 600$

Things that would benefit US:
1) Raise the tax and bonds yield from 400 to 800$.
2) Add additional +15 FI bonuses for Emancipation proclamation.
3) Add Event creating 10 vol. brigades to Washington, and 5 vol. brigades to Alexandria in Nov, 61. Have them unlocked after 60 turns (2.5 years).
4) Add 6 barracks (Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburg, and Philadelphia).
5) Double troops from mobilization options.

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