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venerdì 5 settembre 2014

Wargame Red Dragon - Second Korean War DLC

Rilasciata la seconda DLC gratuita per Wargame Red Dragon, Second Korean War.

Ecco la descrizione da steam:

Second Korean War è il secondo DLC gratuito di Wargame: Red Dragon.
Presenta una nuova campagna da un giocarore ambientata in un 1992 ucronico, in cui il colpo di stato dell’anno precedente contro Michail Gorbatchev è andato a buon fine. La vecchia guardia del partito ha restaurato l’ordine sovietico, avvicinandosi così ai suoi vicini comunisti asiatici, ma creando una situazione di conflitto con l’Occidente. È solo questione di tempo perché la Storia si ripeta nella penisola coreana, con la Cina, la Corea del Nord e l’Unione Sovietica unite contro le potenti coalizioni dell’ONU.
Ambientata nel futuro di W:RD, questa imponente campagna vedrà entrambe le fazioni schierare il migliore e più avanzato arsenale, in un intenso conflitto che rievoca il caos della Seconda Guerra Mondiale.

Ma Second Korean War propone anche inattese funzioni multiplayer sottoforma di 12 nuove unità, una per nazione, selezionate tra le più richieste dalla comunità sin dall’uscita del gioco o per colmare alcune lacune nelle truppe di ogni nazione.

12 nuove unità
• Marder 2 – truppe di carri pesantemente armati e corazzati (RFA)
• Patriot – pesante missile terra-aria (USA)
• Type 96 – trasporto di truppe su ruote (Giappone)
• VPM-120 – trattore di mortaio da 120mm su VAB (Francia)
• Warrior Milan – versione del Warrior 90 equipaggiato con missile MILAN e col suo autocannone (Regno Unito)
• K9 Thunder – moderno obice a propulsione 155mm (Corea del Sud)
• M113 Milan – missile anticarro composto da un MILAN M113 coperto (ANZAC)
• Wolverine – missile terra-aria; leggero ma con un telaio estremamente mobile (Canada)
• M1992 SPAAG – moderno veicolo DCA equipaggiato con due cannoni da 30 mm a ripetizione (Corea del Nord)
• H-5 – bombardiere tattico pesante (Corea del Nord)
• JH-7 – versione dell’anticarro JH-7 esistente (Cina)
• Spetsnaz GRU – fanteria di ricognizione d’élite (URSS)

domenica 10 agosto 2014

Upgrade 3.0 per i Combat Mission rilasciato

E' stato rilasciato l'upgrade 3.0 per Combat Mission Battle for Normandy e Fortress Italy. I due giochi così saranno allo stesso livello di engine di Red Thunder.

Ecco le features:

Hit impacts to vehicles and bunkers now shown graphically ("hit decals")
Water animates for fording units
Improved shaders
Ground units are now able to fire at attacking aircraft
Ammo Dumps allow platoons to have reserve ammo stored separately on map (automatically distributed for certain Skill Levels)
WeGo TCP/IP with the ability to save but not the ability to replay combat action
Spotters restricted to directing only one Mission at a time. Assets can now be group fired.
More realistic/varied RoF of automatic weapons.
Improved load time for scenarios, especially larger ones with complex terrain
User Interface
Three different sets of camera controls; Standard (traditional), First Person Shooter, and Real Time Strategy
Optional graphical Command and Control link tracing
KIAs are shown in the Soldier/Crew Panels to track soldiers lost during the game
Option to disable music separate from other game sounds
Ability to create AI Triggers that execute actions based on other units or interaction with Objectives (existing battles do not have this, but it can be added by authors if they wish)
Maximum map size increased
Improved responsiveness of 2D editing, especially for large maps
Improved load time for 3D Preview, especially large maps
Customized "Mod Tags" for most graphics. This allows for multiple mods for the same item without the need to move items in/out of Data folder
Ability to specify specific mods be used for a specific Scenario. If CM fails to find the specified mod it will use the default

sabato 14 giugno 2014

Brother against Brother – The Drawing of the Sword nuovi screenshots

Rilasciate nuove immagini di Brother against Brother – The Drawing of the Sword, nuovo gioco seguito ideale di Forge of Freedom.

Brother Against Brother” is a two-player, “IgoUgo” series devoted to battles of the American Civil War, with the Union and Confederate armies represented at the regimental level. Each release will feature 3-5 thematically related battles.

The first release, “Brother Against Brother: The Drawing of the Sword,” will be devoted to the opening battles of the war: the first major battles of 1861 in both the eastern and western theaters (1st Bull Run and Wilson’s Creek), and the first of 1862 in each theater (Mill Springs and Williamsburg).

“Brother Against Brother” will be noteworthy for the scrupulous attention to detail in the preparation of maps and orders of battles, both aspects of the project involving hundreds of hours of primary research; for an emphasis on command-and-control through a novel system that uses the historical abilities of generals and subordinate officers to determine the success of individual units, brigades, divisions, corps, and whole armies at engaging in particular movement-, attack-, or defense-related activities; for highly complex battlefields with two dozen terrain types and features, drawn at a superior level, and at scales as large as 50 square miles; for units that accurately reflect not only their strength, but degree of training, weapons, and in many cases the special qualities that made them famous; and, for numerous special features intended to enhance the game’s immersive nature, some not previously employed in any other computer game.

Providing a range of historical and alternative-history scenarios, “Brother Against Brother” will permit players to endlessly refight the major battles of the Civil War: hotseat, against the AI, or via PBEM.

giovedì 29 maggio 2014

To End All Wars

Su La Gazette du Wargamer trovate una preview di To End All Wars, il previsto titolo Ageod sulla Prima Guerra Mondiale; interessante l'elenco delle features, alcune riprese pari pari da World War One sempre dell'Ageod.
  • Setting: the game covers all of Europe, from the Western seaboard to the Volga, from 1914 to 1918. Middle-East is also in, as well as most of the rest of the world (as off-map boxes regions)
  • Game map is divided into more than 3,000 regions, with a variety of terrain, climates and development level.
  • Scenarios: 1 tutorial and 2 main scenarios of the whole war (historical start in August 1914 and open start with players choosing their own warplans).
  • Historical leaders: Over 1600 historical leaders each rated on their abilities and over 900 different types of units from infantry, to cavalry and artillery to aircrafts and battleships!
  • Production: Control your nations spending on the military, economics, research and diplomacy through a few simple-to-understand assets and production centers.
  • Regional Decision Cards: The game has an innovative card system that lets you trigger events such as Spies, surprise attacks, key trench warfare aspects, technological or tactical breakthrough and, if played wisely can affect the flow of a campaign.
  • Detailed game model includes features such as Weather, Attrition, Supply, Front Lines and Fog of War
  • Historical Events are triggered throughout the game giving the player crucial decision points. These cover anything from local uprising to foreign intervention.
  • Battlefield Tactics allow the player to make decisions that can turn the tide of battle.
  • Sieges and Naval warfare are all covered in detail in the game.
  • Technology over time the technologies available will be upgraded using both the event and cards system.
  • Chain of Command allows units to be organized in to brigades, division, corps and armies and leaders put in command of them.

lunedì 27 gennaio 2014

Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations

Annunciata la nuova DLC per EU IV, Wealth of Nations.

La nuova DLC dovrebbe avere le seguenti features:
  • The Invisible Hand of the Market: You can act covertly to instigate trade conflicts among the competition, stifling income and leaving yourself atop the economic heap.
  • Seize the Seas: Hiring privateers can damage enemy shipments and cripple their trade, but risks retaliation in the form of open warfare if you are caught.
  • Capitalize: Empires can designate a specific port as their trade capital, separate from their national capital, and strengthen local trade routes through the use of inland trade nodes.
  • Monopolize and Mobilize: Form an East India Company and reach faraway trade partners with an unstoppable shipping concern.
La data di rilascio è prevista per la seconda metà dell'anno.

martedì 23 luglio 2013

Nuovi screenshots di War in the West

Direttamente da Historicon ecco nuove immagini di War in the West, le prime da un pezzo a questa parte. Ma prima l'elenco delle features del gioco:

Main Features 

* The game covers July 1943 to July 1945. 
* Each turn lasts one week. 
* Each hex covers 10 miles. 
* The map is an enormous 36,000 hexes! 
* It is an enhanced War in the East system with more comprehensive air and naval operations and supply systems. 
* Scale is Division/Brigade/Regiment with supporting Battalions, but modeled down to the last man, tank and gun. 
* There are 14 Allied and 5 Axis nationalities in the game. 
* It includes a fully featured scenario editor 
* There are optional rules to allow you to control the allocation of forces to the east front, or let it stay historical. If you manage it by hand, allocating troops slows the Soviet advance and removing them hastens it, all shown on a global strategy map. 
* The game includes 3 main campaigns and 7-9 smaller scenarios. 

Major Changes from War in the East 

Here is a summary of the main changes since War in the East and they'll be explored in more detail below. 
I. Map 
II. Air War 
III. Logistics 
IV. Weather 
V. Axis Garrisons 
VI. East Front Control Option 
VII. Amphibious and Airborne Landing Rules 
VIII. Multi-role Support Units 
IX. Victory Conditions 

I. Map 

 Huge size (36k hexes versus 25k for WitE). 
 New terrain types for bocage, tundra, desert, sand, escarpment/impassable, ferries. 
 Road Quality by Country 
 Improved weather graphics showing all effects; ground, air and water (ice). 
 Improved map projection that minimizes map distortion effects caused by using a flat map for a round world. 
 The map is built as a part of an enormous War in Europe map which is 378x355 hexes, so is a building block to a future "mega on an unprecedented scale" game (134k hexes) 
 New tile generated map will make it easier for us to complete the full map, and/or revise map data as needed. 

II. Air War 
Detailed Strategic Bombing and improvements to non-ground support missions 

 Different system/ execution phase for air based on air directives to air force HQs 
 Fixed airfields on map withadditional construction possible 
 More types of missions 
– Ground Support 
– Ground Attack (interdiction of units/supply/rail, airfield attack, ground unit attack) 
– Strategic Bombing 
– Reconnaissance 
– Air Superiority 
– Naval Patrol 
 Improved resolution of interdiction, less gaminess in airfield bombing and fighter sweeps 

III. Logistics 
More realism plus supply issues of invasions 

IV. Weather 
More realism and granularity in weather generation and effects 

 8 Weather Zones 
 6 Ground Conditions 
 6 Air Conditions 
 Ice Conditions in Rivers 
 Weather determined by combination of weather zones and 5 possible weather fronts that move across the map 

V. Axis Garrisons 

 Garrison Regions - requires minimum garrisons in combat value of troops – changes over time and with major events. 
 Garrison Cities - requires security units and a large garrison – also changes over time. 
 Not fulfilling garrison requirements will increase partisan attacks on rail in the area as well as costing victory points. 

VI. East Front Control Option 
(For Long Campaigns) 
a. East Front Screen provides info on German forces, front line and Soviet offensive potential. 
b. Units may be moved between fronts. Player chooses which if any German units on the East Front are pulled back to refit. 
c. Soviet controlled hexes are shown on the map. 
d. When using EFC Option, game ends when Berlin falls or can last until the end of July 1945. When not using the EFC Option the game ends in early May 1945 (or earlier if Allies capture Berlin) and movement of units between fronts is based on historical movements. 

VII. Amphibious and Airborne Landing Rules 

 Amphibious and Airborne Prep Points and Target Hexes 
 Airpower Impact on Naval Movement 
 Amphibious HQs with Naval Support and Temporary Ports 
 Commando and Ranger supporting landings 
 Separate Amphibious and supporting airborne landing phase at start of other player’s turn 
 Coordinated airborne landings with non-amphibious forces during own turn 

VIII. Multi-role Support Units 

 Support units that can switch between off-map support and on map unit status 
 Large Multi-role units divide into 3 parts when made support units (break regiment into 3 battalions) 
 Support ranger and commando units have special amphibious abilities 

IX. Victory Conditions 

 Factors Considered in Campaign Victory Conditions 
- Cities Controlled Each Turn 
- Damage From Allied Strategic Bombing 
- Partisan Activity (failure of Axis to garrison) 
- Allied Casualties 
- Failure To Achieve Italian and French Beachheads 
- Political Targets (U-boat and V-weapon factories and V-weapon launch sites) 
- Timing of Fall of Berlin 

The Future: War in the … and beyond 
• War in the East 2.0 - a remake of War in the East using the War in the West engine and new map system (another building block foe the mega game). 
• War in the West 1940 (France/Norway/Med) 
• War in the West 1941-43 (Mediterranean) 
• War in Europe - the largest game ever conceived! 
• World at War: A World Divided – iPad 
• Tactical WWII game ala Steel Panthers - Gary mentioned Steel Panthers was the game he most enjoyed creating in his career. 

giovedì 30 maggio 2013

Due nuove releases

Tra ieri e oggi sono stati rilasciati:

Wargame Airland Battle (ma che era in beta già da un po')

Rising Storm, l'espansione della guerra del Pacifico per Red Orchestra 2

A proposito di quest'ultimo, queste sono le features:

2 New Factions - The United States of America and Japanese
6 New Maps
Guadal Canal
Iwo Jima
19 New Weapons
Allied Weapons
Springfield M1903A1
M1 Carbine
M12 Trench Gun
M1 Garand
M1903 Sniper
Thompson M1928A1
M2-2 Flamethrower
M1919A6 LMG
M1918A2 BAR
M1917 HMG
Axis Weapons
Arisaka Type 38
Arisaka Type 99
Nambu Type 14
Nambu Type 100
Type 99 Sniper
Type 96 LMG
Type 99 LMG
Type 92 HMG
Type 89 Grenade Discharger

New Features such as:
Booby Traps - Japanese players can plant grenades as booby traps into loose soil or gravel. Americans can defuse booby traps
Banzai Charges - Increased damage mitigation for the player who is Banzai charging and increased suppression for Americans who are within close proximity
Suicide Kills - Players using grenades to suicide attack the Americans now get credit when their grenade explodes after they die

Added ability for Server Admins to set how or if players can spawn with enemy weapons (Off, Hero Only [default], and Hero and Veteran)
Added points to Squad Leaders who have their artillery markers used
Added points to Squad Leaders who have players spawn on them
Added point restore for TK's that are forgiven
Foliage can no longer be completely disabled
Added Auto Select option to the spawn menu which will first try and spawn the player on their squad leader, and if that is not possible randomly choose between open spawn areas
Fixed issue where player view would would sometimes shift when diving to prone in a trench
Fixed an issue where players could get stuck between crouched and prone stances
Fixed an issue where server balance could be set incorrectly which resulted in bad player or bot spawns
Fixed issue where all players on your team would yell spawn message. Now only the player will yell the spawn message. Also added several messages that were in game but never being played (Roughly a 60% increase. We were amazed to find a hidden gem here...)
Fixed spectators taking up a player slot. As a result unlocking additional roles.
Fixed several additional spectator bugs (such as free roam not being properly enabled)
Fixed mouse sensitivity being too high on ultra wide aspect ratios
Fixed a texture stretching issue with explosive weapons
Altered bandage animation which should cause less head clipping (with walls)
Various crash and stability fixes
Closed several settings that were being used as exploits
Fixed bugs with map voting that would sometimes cause the wrong map to win
Fixed players not getting momentum from being shot in multiplayer
Improved map loading times
Disabled ability to turn foliage off in settings
Fixed players that were killed when prone popping up in the air
Fixed the Lockdown text showing as Overtime if the Overtime had been active at any point during the match

Fixed tank crewmen not spawning, also resolved several related issues that kicked crew out of the tank
Added ability for tank crew to spawn into an active tank with a bot role available to take over
Tank commanders now spawn in the commander cuppola position with the hatch open on the initial spawn

The kill message now shows the distance you were killed from (configurable by server admins)
Added interruptible single bullet reloads
Fixed several infinite ammo exploits
Fixed pistol full message error for not "+1" reloads
Fixed several conditions that would cause a melee strike to fail to register as a hit
Fixed an issue where players could not pick up weapons over low collision
Fixed grenades being auto thrown if the user pulled the pin and tried to crawl
Fixed players being able to pick up grenades and ammo even when they had reached the max limit
Fixed a condition where picking up grenades could cause the ammo count to display incorrectly in the HUD
Fixed weapons sticking around in between rounds in Countdown
Fixed machine gun barrel change animation not playing correctly on chest high cover
Fixed accuracy displaying as over 100% in stats menu
Fixed penetrating shots that hit boosting accuracy stat
Fixed an issue where scrolling the mouse wheel while deploying would cause the change weapon widget to show up (forcing a weapon swap when attempting to fire)
Fixed player "leveling up" binocs
Fixed command menu being stuck open if the player died on a fixed MG
Fixed an issue where the game was not properly giving players sway when the sway amount was small
Melee attacks (or any indirect attacks) should no longer boost or take away from accuracy
Weapons (like binocs) that do not use ammo no longer show an ammo counter
Fixed timing of shell eject on bolt-action rifles
Fixed “speed bolting” rifles
Fixed a case where machine guns could fail to reload in classic
Fixed issue where players firing full auto weapons would cause the game to stutter
Weapons no longer drop when the player has been TK’d
Weapons now play sounds when they hit the ground
Increased bullet impact and suppression sounds

Fixed several bad machine gun emplacements in RO 2 maps
Fixed a case of meshes not resetting between rounds
Added Satchel Charge pickups to: Fallen Fighters, Commissars House, Red October Factory, Pavlov’s House, Mamayev Kurgan
RO2 maps have been optimized to have less relevancy checks against static meshes on servers
Added sounds to destructibles on all RO2 maps
Added 30% more reinforcements to all RO2 maps
All RO2 maps have had Classic Mode reinforcements and respawn times changed from the defaults and vary between levels

Added greater situational awareness (and choices) for AI
Added ability for AI to use grenades
AI will now make better tactical decision
Fixed many cases of AI getting stuck
Fixed AI not playing aggressively as attackers

Single Player
Split Red Orchestra 2 Single Player into its own install and launcher
Fixed several issues which would stop players from properly progressing in Single Player
Fixed several single player achievements which were not being properly awarded

Added new hint system with player controlled settings (All, New, and Off)
Fixed issue where the players weapon selection was not remembered as new players join the server
Fixed issue where the players selected role was not remembered as new players joined the server
Fixed artillery markers not properly clearing between rounds
Fixed Artillery marker moving
Removed ability for players to “auto run” by using chat
Fixed issue where "space bar" would count as an “enter” stroke in some menus
Fixed bug where admin chat would display in the center of the screen and not properly clear away
Fixed issue where scoreboard would disappear at the end of the round
Fixed player spawn selection menu instantly closing
Fixed a dialog box only saying “OK” when the player had been kicked from a server
Fixed a cause of the "This role is taken" message being displayed incorrectly
Fixed Commanders Tactical View showing the wrong order he gave
Fixed Commander’s minimap icons such a enemy spotted appearing in HUD once minimap closed
Fixed several minor UI bug
Fixed a case where both teams could be awarded victory
Fixed Web Admin Map cycle issue (when the same map was in the cycle twice)