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Visualizzazione post con etichetta rising storm. Mostra tutti i post

venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

Rising Storm Island Assault Trailer

Video per Island Assault, content per Rising Storm, il Red Orchestra versione Pacifico, da oggi gratuito con il pack di Rising Storm su steam.

giovedì 30 maggio 2013

Due nuove releases

Tra ieri e oggi sono stati rilasciati:

Wargame Airland Battle (ma che era in beta già da un po')

Rising Storm, l'espansione della guerra del Pacifico per Red Orchestra 2

A proposito di quest'ultimo, queste sono le features:

2 New Factions - The United States of America and Japanese
6 New Maps
Guadal Canal
Iwo Jima
19 New Weapons
Allied Weapons
Springfield M1903A1
M1 Carbine
M12 Trench Gun
M1 Garand
M1903 Sniper
Thompson M1928A1
M2-2 Flamethrower
M1919A6 LMG
M1918A2 BAR
M1917 HMG
Axis Weapons
Arisaka Type 38
Arisaka Type 99
Nambu Type 14
Nambu Type 100
Type 99 Sniper
Type 96 LMG
Type 99 LMG
Type 92 HMG
Type 89 Grenade Discharger

New Features such as:
Booby Traps - Japanese players can plant grenades as booby traps into loose soil or gravel. Americans can defuse booby traps
Banzai Charges - Increased damage mitigation for the player who is Banzai charging and increased suppression for Americans who are within close proximity
Suicide Kills - Players using grenades to suicide attack the Americans now get credit when their grenade explodes after they die

Added ability for Server Admins to set how or if players can spawn with enemy weapons (Off, Hero Only [default], and Hero and Veteran)
Added points to Squad Leaders who have their artillery markers used
Added points to Squad Leaders who have players spawn on them
Added point restore for TK's that are forgiven
Foliage can no longer be completely disabled
Added Auto Select option to the spawn menu which will first try and spawn the player on their squad leader, and if that is not possible randomly choose between open spawn areas
Fixed issue where player view would would sometimes shift when diving to prone in a trench
Fixed an issue where players could get stuck between crouched and prone stances
Fixed an issue where server balance could be set incorrectly which resulted in bad player or bot spawns
Fixed issue where all players on your team would yell spawn message. Now only the player will yell the spawn message. Also added several messages that were in game but never being played (Roughly a 60% increase. We were amazed to find a hidden gem here...)
Fixed spectators taking up a player slot. As a result unlocking additional roles.
Fixed several additional spectator bugs (such as free roam not being properly enabled)
Fixed mouse sensitivity being too high on ultra wide aspect ratios
Fixed a texture stretching issue with explosive weapons
Altered bandage animation which should cause less head clipping (with walls)
Various crash and stability fixes
Closed several settings that were being used as exploits
Fixed bugs with map voting that would sometimes cause the wrong map to win
Fixed players not getting momentum from being shot in multiplayer
Improved map loading times
Disabled ability to turn foliage off in settings
Fixed players that were killed when prone popping up in the air
Fixed the Lockdown text showing as Overtime if the Overtime had been active at any point during the match

Fixed tank crewmen not spawning, also resolved several related issues that kicked crew out of the tank
Added ability for tank crew to spawn into an active tank with a bot role available to take over
Tank commanders now spawn in the commander cuppola position with the hatch open on the initial spawn

The kill message now shows the distance you were killed from (configurable by server admins)
Added interruptible single bullet reloads
Fixed several infinite ammo exploits
Fixed pistol full message error for not "+1" reloads
Fixed several conditions that would cause a melee strike to fail to register as a hit
Fixed an issue where players could not pick up weapons over low collision
Fixed grenades being auto thrown if the user pulled the pin and tried to crawl
Fixed players being able to pick up grenades and ammo even when they had reached the max limit
Fixed a condition where picking up grenades could cause the ammo count to display incorrectly in the HUD
Fixed weapons sticking around in between rounds in Countdown
Fixed machine gun barrel change animation not playing correctly on chest high cover
Fixed accuracy displaying as over 100% in stats menu
Fixed penetrating shots that hit boosting accuracy stat
Fixed an issue where scrolling the mouse wheel while deploying would cause the change weapon widget to show up (forcing a weapon swap when attempting to fire)
Fixed player "leveling up" binocs
Fixed command menu being stuck open if the player died on a fixed MG
Fixed an issue where the game was not properly giving players sway when the sway amount was small
Melee attacks (or any indirect attacks) should no longer boost or take away from accuracy
Weapons (like binocs) that do not use ammo no longer show an ammo counter
Fixed timing of shell eject on bolt-action rifles
Fixed “speed bolting” rifles
Fixed a case where machine guns could fail to reload in classic
Fixed issue where players firing full auto weapons would cause the game to stutter
Weapons no longer drop when the player has been TK’d
Weapons now play sounds when they hit the ground
Increased bullet impact and suppression sounds

Fixed several bad machine gun emplacements in RO 2 maps
Fixed a case of meshes not resetting between rounds
Added Satchel Charge pickups to: Fallen Fighters, Commissars House, Red October Factory, Pavlov’s House, Mamayev Kurgan
RO2 maps have been optimized to have less relevancy checks against static meshes on servers
Added sounds to destructibles on all RO2 maps
Added 30% more reinforcements to all RO2 maps
All RO2 maps have had Classic Mode reinforcements and respawn times changed from the defaults and vary between levels

Added greater situational awareness (and choices) for AI
Added ability for AI to use grenades
AI will now make better tactical decision
Fixed many cases of AI getting stuck
Fixed AI not playing aggressively as attackers

Single Player
Split Red Orchestra 2 Single Player into its own install and launcher
Fixed several issues which would stop players from properly progressing in Single Player
Fixed several single player achievements which were not being properly awarded

Added new hint system with player controlled settings (All, New, and Off)
Fixed issue where the players weapon selection was not remembered as new players join the server
Fixed issue where the players selected role was not remembered as new players joined the server
Fixed artillery markers not properly clearing between rounds
Fixed Artillery marker moving
Removed ability for players to “auto run” by using chat
Fixed issue where "space bar" would count as an “enter” stroke in some menus
Fixed bug where admin chat would display in the center of the screen and not properly clear away
Fixed issue where scoreboard would disappear at the end of the round
Fixed player spawn selection menu instantly closing
Fixed a dialog box only saying “OK” when the player had been kicked from a server
Fixed a cause of the "This role is taken" message being displayed incorrectly
Fixed Commanders Tactical View showing the wrong order he gave
Fixed Commander’s minimap icons such a enemy spotted appearing in HUD once minimap closed
Fixed several minor UI bug
Fixed a case where both teams could be awarded victory
Fixed Web Admin Map cycle issue (when the same map was in the cycle twice)

venerdì 28 settembre 2012

Qualche piccola news su Flashpoint Germany 2 Rising Storm

E' trapelata qualche piccola specifica sulla versione aggiornata di Flashpoint Germany: sarà ambientata negli anni tra il 1980 e 1990, la fanteria sarà smontabile dei mezzi e potrà combattere separatamente da essi (adesso tutto è implicito e le due parti della fanteria meccanizzata non sono separabili tatticamente). Il gioco sarà mod friendly e sono previste espansioni.

giovedì 6 settembre 2012

sabato 18 agosto 2012

Trailer di Rising Storm alla Gamescom

Rising storm è l'espansione stand alone per Red Orchestra 2 che porta lo scenario nella guerra del Pacifico. Era già stato annunciato come in lavorazione già prima dell'uscita di Red Orchestra 2 e questo è il trailer presentato alla Gamescom.

E questo è un video che mostra quattro mappe multiplayer