sabato 14 giugno 2014

Brother against Brother – The Drawing of the Sword nuovi screenshots

Rilasciate nuove immagini di Brother against Brother – The Drawing of the Sword, nuovo gioco seguito ideale di Forge of Freedom.

Brother Against Brother” is a two-player, “IgoUgo” series devoted to battles of the American Civil War, with the Union and Confederate armies represented at the regimental level. Each release will feature 3-5 thematically related battles.

The first release, “Brother Against Brother: The Drawing of the Sword,” will be devoted to the opening battles of the war: the first major battles of 1861 in both the eastern and western theaters (1st Bull Run and Wilson’s Creek), and the first of 1862 in each theater (Mill Springs and Williamsburg).

“Brother Against Brother” will be noteworthy for the scrupulous attention to detail in the preparation of maps and orders of battles, both aspects of the project involving hundreds of hours of primary research; for an emphasis on command-and-control through a novel system that uses the historical abilities of generals and subordinate officers to determine the success of individual units, brigades, divisions, corps, and whole armies at engaging in particular movement-, attack-, or defense-related activities; for highly complex battlefields with two dozen terrain types and features, drawn at a superior level, and at scales as large as 50 square miles; for units that accurately reflect not only their strength, but degree of training, weapons, and in many cases the special qualities that made them famous; and, for numerous special features intended to enhance the game’s immersive nature, some not previously employed in any other computer game.

Providing a range of historical and alternative-history scenarios, “Brother Against Brother” will permit players to endlessly refight the major battles of the Civil War: hotseat, against the AI, or via PBEM.

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