lunedì 27 gennaio 2014

Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations

Annunciata la nuova DLC per EU IV, Wealth of Nations.

La nuova DLC dovrebbe avere le seguenti features:
  • The Invisible Hand of the Market: You can act covertly to instigate trade conflicts among the competition, stifling income and leaving yourself atop the economic heap.
  • Seize the Seas: Hiring privateers can damage enemy shipments and cripple their trade, but risks retaliation in the form of open warfare if you are caught.
  • Capitalize: Empires can designate a specific port as their trade capital, separate from their national capital, and strengthen local trade routes through the use of inland trade nodes.
  • Monopolize and Mobilize: Form an East India Company and reach faraway trade partners with an unstoppable shipping concern.
La data di rilascio è prevista per la seconda metà dell'anno.

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