venerdì 25 gennaio 2013

Strategic Command WWI Breakthrough! nuova patch

Uscita patch per l'espansione del gioco Battlefront sulla Prima Guerra Mondiale:

Change log:

fixed an AI combat error that allowed an out of range unit to attack

1914 Call to Arms; 1914 Ostaufmarsch
Ottoman mobilization scripts amended (Isnogud).
Port sub defence bonus raised from 4 to 8 (Catacol Highlander).
1918 Russian Civil War
Pilsudski removed from the North Caucasian Emirate’s build list and replaced with Haji (Ancient Demon).
Terek, North Caucasian and Stavropol revolt scripts amended (Xenon 141).
Scripts added so that if France has withdrawn from the war then she can receive German and Romanian income if they are still in the war (Xenon 141).
Scripts added for the three White factions to surrender when their Political Standing is zero.
Port sub defence bonus raised from 4 to 8 (Catacol Highlander).
1914 March On Paris
the German Fortress of Metz, and all the French Fortresses, will bombard attackers
1912 First Balkan War
Albanian Legion unit script corrected (Ancient Demon).
1914 Ludendorff Offensive
If the Germans capture, but subsequently lose the following locations then they will suffer a 2,000 National Morale penalty: Ypres; Amiens; Arras; Abbeville; Soissons; Reims; Verdun; Nancy; Epinal; Belfort

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