martedì 29 maggio 2012

Achtung Panzer change log finale patch di Maggio

Su SimHQ hanno pubblicato il changelog finale della patch di Maggio (che deve ancora uscire); qui sotot le modifiche:

1) Added shielding for AI view from dust, shots, explosions and vehicle movement tails.
2) Accuracy of fire added to statistics.
3) Added setting for thinning of dust and smoke (2.24).
4) Added a detailed grass cover.
5) Display time when an important event is occurred (during battle).
6) Fixed a bug with the absence of arrows in the briefngs description.
7) Heavy infantry weapons abandoned automatically if enemy is approaching and lack of ammunition.
8) Added new uniforms and states for the 1st Czech battalion in a quick battle.
9) Algorithm for selecting a weapon type and ammunition according to the target is corrected.
10) Fixed ammunition for machine guns in M3A1 "Stuart" tank.
11) When the quick movement modifier is set - infantry left a vehicles only at a higher level of fire.
12) Changed trenches for the MGs.
13) Manual for operation editor is improved.
14) Changed the default operation layout which is created by an editor.
15) Operation editor interface is adjusted.
16) The descriprion format of the operations and platoons is changed.
17) Small changes in the operational phase graphics.
18) Improved output format for afterbattle statistics.
19) Reconfigure some parameters of the vehicles.
20) Improved algorithm for airstrikes.
21) Improved algorithm of the heavy infantry weapon actions.
22) Fixed bug with the initial location of the projectile when it is leaving the barrel.
23) Fixed bug with incorrect point for the LOS during the transfer a heavy infantry guns.
24) Adjusted visualization of smoke grenades shooting.
25) Some SFXs are changed.
26) Added soil alignment during the installation of infantry weapons.
27) Introduced heavy ATRs PzB.41 in two mods.
28) Reconfigured water and ice rendering.
29) Changed the look and logic of the work for orders and modifiers tab in tactical combat.
30) Added a separate button for vehicle rotation order and new movement modifier.
31) Changed the look and logic of the work for some cursors.
32) Added new commands to the interface of the initial squad placement.
33) Added a new snowy season for Taranovka district and future DLC's.
34) Added ability to set the fire arc so that the vehicle is not rotated by hull.
Right click at the fire arc button when the fire arc is not set.
35) Changed the display of certain parameters in the squad panel.
36) Changed shadows rendering method in enciclopedia.
37) Added blasting charges for field engineers.
38) Some small improvements and changes.
39) Added a side observation device for the T-26 tank driver.
40) Adjusted operation selection menu.
41) Changed helper in the operational and tactical phases.
42) Added a separate savegame (tactical) for a quick battle.
43) Apply the settings button is highlighted in red if the apply will delete the tactical savegames.

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