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lunedì 23 settembre 2013

Command: Modern Air Naval Operations intervista agli sviluppatori

Su The Wargamer trovate un'intervista fatta agli sviluppatori di Command: Modern Air Naval Operations, di prossima uscita:

La lista degli scenari è davvero notevole:

Advanced ASW Exercise, 1979 - FOST units vs. Redfor off UK

Battle of Chumonchin Chan, 1950 - North Korea vs. United Nations

Battle of Latakia, 1973 - Israel vs. Syria in Mediterranean Sea

Down Town, 1967 - United States vs. North Vietnam over North Vietnam

Duelists, 1989 - UK vs. USSR in Norwegian Sea

First Contact, 1957 - Norway vs. USSR in Norwegian Sea

First Contact ,1973 - Norway vs. USSR in Norwegian Sea

First Contact, 1986 - Norway vs. USSR in Norwegian Sea

First Contact, 2016 - Norway vs. Russia in Norwegian Sea

Green Tide 2016 - Spain vs. Morocco in the Canary Islands

Iron Hand, 2014 - Russian vs. Azerbaijan

Khark Island Raid 1985 - Iraq vs. Iran in the Persian Gulf

Maria and Victoria, 1982- Argentina vs. UK in the Falklands

North Pacific Shootout 1989- US Navy vs. USSR

Operation Brass Drum 2017- US vs. Iran in Arabian Gulf

Operation Lightning Strike 2014- US vs. Pakistani Belligerents and maybe Pakistan

Operation Lion’s Den 1972- US vs. North Vietnam

Operation Market Time, 1968- US/South Vietnam vs. North Vietnam

Operation Trident 1971 - India vs. Pakistan on Indian West Coast.

Operation Vantage 1961 - UK/Kuwait vs. USSR and Iraq in Persian Gulf

Raid on Dwarka, 1965- India and Pakistan on Indian West Coast

Raid on Kismayo 2013- US vs. Somali in Somalia

Raven 21 is Down, 1976-US vs. USSR and Somali Forces in the Gulf of Aden

Sea of Fire 1982 - UK vs. Argentine off the Falklands

Shamal 1991 - US Navy or USAF/Coalition vs. Iraq

South China Sea Clash 2013- US/Philippines vs. PRC/Chinese Coast Guard

Stand Up 2011 - UK vs. Argentine off the Falklands

Standing Naval Force Atlantic 1979- NATO vs. USSR in the Norwegian Sea

Tee Up, 1971- US Navy vs. Soviet Navy off Cuba

The Battle of Dong Hoi, 1972 - US Navy vs. North Vietnam

The Four Horsemen 1987 - USSR vs. NATO

The Shark 1971- India vs. Pakistan

The Tiger And The Dragon 2019 - Indian and Chinese Navy in the South China Sea

Trapped Under Ice 1999 - US Navy vs. Russian Navy under the Arctic Ice Cap.

Wooden Leg 1985- IAF vs. PLO in Tunisia

3 Tutorial Scenarios

Basic Training Air Operations- 1983

Basic Training Submarine Operations 2013

Basic Training Warship Operations 2013

Sembrerebbe che una volta stabilizzata la parte aereo\navale prevedano un'espansione modulare che renda più dettagliata la parte terrestre\anfibia. Decisamente sempre più interessante questo gioco.

sabato 27 aprile 2013

Matrix Games annuncia War in the East: Lost Battles

Matrix Games ha annunciato il prossimo rilascio di War in the East: Lost Battles, espansione per War in the East, con scenari aggiuntivi.

The second expansion for the Eastern Front tour de force Gary Grigsby’s War in the East just arrived with Gary Grigsby’s War in the East: Lost Battles! This new addition to the award-winning War in the East fills out your collection of Eastern Front scenarios with a range of new and challenging battles.

Shorter scenarios like Operation Mars, Courland Pocket, Smolensk 1941, Operation Bagration, the Liberation of Leningrad and Operation Konrad bring you to some of the most interesting operations in World War II while keeping the time investment to 15 turns or less. Added to these are medium size scenarios like the Battle for Moscow, Vistula to Berlin and Winter 1942-43, as well as the immense new Stalingrad to Berlin campaign and a new sudden death victory variant of the main 1941-1945 campaign.

sabato 5 gennaio 2013

The Ten Days - 10 scenari bonus per Scourge

Rilasciati degli scenari bonus che erano originariamente parte del CD bonus:

This is an alternate history Mod that contains a series of 10 linked carryover division sized scenarios. You must start at Day 1 and win a Major Victory on each day to progress to the next days scenario. Your surviving troops will periodically gain experience as the days go by.

Alternate Historical Setup: After the unexpected death of General Lee from a stray artillery round on the afternoon of July 2nd, General Longstreet moved the Confederate army south and away from Gettysburg in an attempt to maneuver General Meade into attacking on ground more favorable to the Confederates. Reinforcements are being sent to Longstreet but strong blocking forces at the gaps in the Catoctins are forcing the reinforcements to march farther north.

Mission: Your division is hereby ordered to remain at Gettysburg and to block any and all reinforcements from reaching the Confederate Army. Your division has been reinforced, but any additional troops will be going to the Army to make good the losses of July 1st and 2nd.