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mercoledì 23 ottobre 2013

Civil War II aggiornato alla patch 1.01

Ageod Civil War II è stato aggiornato con una nuova patch che introduce anche uno scenario bonus (The West Campaign).

sabato 5 gennaio 2013

The Ten Days - 10 scenari bonus per Scourge

Rilasciati degli scenari bonus che erano originariamente parte del CD bonus:

This is an alternate history Mod that contains a series of 10 linked carryover division sized scenarios. You must start at Day 1 and win a Major Victory on each day to progress to the next days scenario. Your surviving troops will periodically gain experience as the days go by.

Alternate Historical Setup: After the unexpected death of General Lee from a stray artillery round on the afternoon of July 2nd, General Longstreet moved the Confederate army south and away from Gettysburg in an attempt to maneuver General Meade into attacking on ground more favorable to the Confederates. Reinforcements are being sent to Longstreet but strong blocking forces at the gaps in the Catoctins are forcing the reinforcements to march farther north.

Mission: Your division is hereby ordered to remain at Gettysburg and to block any and all reinforcements from reaching the Confederate Army. Your division has been reinforced, but any additional troops will be going to the Army to make good the losses of July 1st and 2nd.