mercoledì 12 dicembre 2012

Rilasciato upgrade 2.0 per Battle for Normandy

E' stato rilasciato l'upgrade 2.0 che porta il motore di CMBN allo stesso livello di CMFI. Il costo è di 10 euro. Io ho pianificato di prenderlo nel bundle con l'espansione Market Garden quando uscirà, dovrebbe essere meno costoso. announced today that the 2.0 upgrade for their WEGO turn-based strategy game Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy is now available. The upgrade includes features from Combat Mission: Fortress Italy, as well as a new exclusive feature that allowed scenario designers to hand-pick specific uniforms for a unit.

Additional features of the 2.0 upgrade include:
Moveable Waypoints
Ability to assign special uniform types for select units types on a unit by unit basis.
Target Armor Arc Command
Expanded Floating Icon Categories
"Fog of War" Floating Icons
2D Editor Map Overlay
Auto-Assemble Road/Wall/Hedge Tool
Camera Jump to Groups
Target Briefly Command
New Rendering Shaders
Bump and Normal Mapping
Improved Framerates
Pausable Realtime TCP/IP Mode
...and more!

To get the 2.0 upgrade, click here: LINK

Just a note that the 2.0 upgrade is not a standalone game and requires Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy to play. It is also not an update, but a purchasable upgrade for $10 (plus shipping and handling if appliable). Battlefront has mentioned that in the meantime, Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy v1.0 base game is available at a special price for $35, with the upgraded 2.0 version being made available at regular price in the near future, with 1.0 being phased out. For more information, visit the official website here: LINK

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