martedì 16 ottobre 2012

Rilasciata beta patch di Agosto per Steel Armor Blaze of War

Due giorni dopo il rilascio della beta patch per APOS, ecco la beta patch di agosto per SABOW che da una bella spinta al gioco, soprattutto come grafica e interfaccia:

Come per APOS, il primo link è l'aggiornamento dell'updater, il secondo l'estensione vera e propria.

Ecco il change log che avevo già postato:

--- Update August 2012 beta 3---
1) Completely changed the tactical interface.
2) Added additional options for the platoons structure and parameters management in the operational phase.
3) Changed some animations for infantry.
4) All game operations is adjusted and remaked.
5) Added support for scripting in the operational phase.
6) Some changes in the operation editor.
7) Changed some of the special effects.
8) Added new vehicles and weapons: F5E, M2HB, G3 rifle.
9) Adjusted environments, and cockpits visualization.
10) Refined cockpits for the T-62 and M60A1: rounded some elements and reconfigured lighting.
11) Completely redesigned interface in tank mode.
12) The algorithm for shadows rendering and lighting calculation is changed.
13) New commands for platoon, tank and crew control is added.
14) Reconfigured some tracked vehicles.
15) Added tracks in grass from tanks and vehicles.
16) Added ability to perform some tasks in the tank cocpit without the interface.
17) Added new animations in M60A1 tank cockpit.
18) Added a hint what button need to press to cancel a pause mode in the battle.
19) Mini-map is removed in the battle.
20) In realism mode does not display the flags and markers for enemies (in 3D mode).
21) Removed rangefinder lock when the commander's turret on the M60A1 tank is turned.
22) Fixed a bug with the canceling of a short stop command and this command is available from the commanders site.
23) Adjusted algorithm for subtitles and narration issuing.
24) Platoon control options on the gunners site is removed.
25) Added a visual indicator for targets and goals.
26) The ability to request a priority target from the AI commander is now available.
27) Added the button to send permission to open fire on the specified target.
28) Added support for automatic setup gun direction from the AI commander on requested target (for T-62 tank).
29) Added lock for measuring range for the AI commander, if target is out of rangefinder view (for M60 tank).
30) Added feedback and indication for obstacles in the path of the tank, for AI driver.
31) Added indication that the range measurement process continues, as well as the inability to range measure.
32) The targeting algorithm is changed.
33) The ability to switch the tempo of fire for machine guns.
34) Added to the sight reticles for the T-62 from Vadifon.
35) The ability to control the mode of target selection (one or different targets) for the tank platoon or users tank.
36) Added a command to align the gun on the hull of the tank.
37) Added the ability to specify the range for the gunner in binoculars mode.
38) Fixed a number of glitches and bugs.

Ed infine due belle immagini:

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