mercoledì 13 giugno 2012

TOW3 WW2 piano di rilascio

Oggi Tatari ha definito le varie fasi del rilascio del suo MOD che "trapianta" i precedenti TOW in Theatre of War 3 Korea:

1-ToW3 WW2 Kursk (ToW2 Kursk + german units from Caen Addon)
fully tested by myself and ready to release
2 GB

1a-Kursk Maps

2-ToW3 WW2 Caen (british units from Caen addon)
ready to release but... i can"t seem to make the damn PIAT working! I guess it's the animations, i have still to look into that.

2a- Normandy maps

3-ToW3 WW2 AFRIKA (all units from ToW2 Afrika & Centauro addon)
ready but not fully tested yet

3a- Afrika maps

4- ToW3 WW2 TT
new units and data modification

5- TT Sound mod

6- ToW3 WW2 ToW1

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