Visualizzazione post con etichetta patch di marzo. Mostra tutti i post
Visualizzazione post con etichetta patch di marzo. Mostra tutti i post

martedì 19 marzo 2013

Rilasciata patch di Marzo per APOS

E' stata rilasciata la patch di Marzo per Achtung Panzer Operation Star (da adesso Graviteam Tactics).

E' necessario prima scaricare il core update ed installarlo, poi scaricate gli altri due files e li caricate usate il programma di update del gioco. Il primo file è la patch vera e propria, il secondo un aggiornamento per i poligoni della grafica.

lunedì 11 marzo 2013

Nuova DLC per Achtung Panzer: Operation Hooper

Come già annunciato in precedenza il mondo di Achtung Panzer (ormai GTOS, Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star) sta evolvendo verso un engine a tutto tondo di simulazione tattico-operazionale. Dopo una piccola DLC di reskin per l'HD ( è stata annunciata una DLC che cambia completamente lo scenario: Operation Hooper è uno scenario ambientato nell'Angola del 1988, dove Cubani e Angolani si scontrano con l'UNITA appoggiato dai Sud Africani. L'ambientazione quindi è simile a quella di uno degli scenari di Blaze of War, ma stavolta si tratta non di una simulazione ma di un tattico.

The DLC will be devoted to an attack on the Cuito Cuanvale base in 20th of February 1988.
DLC adds to the game:
1) Two new combatants for operations and quick battle are Angolan army and SADF.
2) The new area 120 square kilometers wide.
3) 3 operations for Angola, UNITA and SADF.
4) Weapons and equipment that was used in the conflict.

Nel frattempo i lavori sulla patch di Marzo procedono, mentre è stata annunciata una politica di DLC maggiori e minori per l'engine di APOS.

Ecco alcune immagini di Operation Hooper.

lunedì 21 gennaio 2013

Change log parziale della patch di Marzo di Achtung Panzer

Mea culpa è un po' che non gioco a APOS (e anche molti giochi sono rimasti indietro, ma The Witcher è davvero bello). Posto il change log della prossima patch ( Marzo 2013 ) di APOS; io speravo nel multi ma ancora non si vede.

1) Fixed crash when pressing ESC while loading district maps in operation.
2) The algorithm of broken tracks is improved.
3) Weapons overheating algorithm is adjusted.
4) Differentiation and locks for paths on operational map is introduced.
5) Principle of editing paths in operation editor is improved.
6) The ability to import a database description for operation from other operation is added.
7) Fixed a bug with the repair in the abandoned vehicles (crew members now leave repair).
8) Added a separate button for the ambush. At this command the infantry and gun crews will be lie, vehicle crews will be close a hatches.
9) Removed the option for buttoned state for vehicles.
10) Now you can set the "level" of defensive structures in a quick battle.
11) Added the ability to set placement in defense without digging trenches.
12) Fixed a bug with the canceling of serial orders in battle.
13) Adjusted indication and view modes for serial orders in battle.
14) Added button for automatic platoon placement.
15) Added separate command teams for different types of troops.
16) Added the support units in a quick battle.
17) Added a separation for radio stations by type and his type indication.
18) Fixed a bug with icons remain after disable (and enable) the mini-map.
19) Added the indication for the radio/voice/wire communications in battle.
20) Button for platoons table in operational phase is changed from F1 to F3.
21) Added an antenna on KV-1S and KV-8S tanks.
22) Added an option for icon types on operational map (option 4.20).
23) The algorithm for ammunition and fuel replenish is cahnged, added indication for supply level on map.
24) Command radii is removed.
25) Company and battalion commanders are added in a quick battle.
26) During the retreat without a combat (in operational phase) platoon loses morale.
27) Added the fire platoon commanders in artillery batteries.
28) Staff for the troops in quick battle has been modified and expanded.
29) Added a group of messages for breaking and restoring wired connection.
30) Adjusted an algorithm offers ceasefire from AI (removed immediately cancel after offer).
31) Added target designation by flares.
32) Added a button to apply the last selected filter for soldiers or vehicles.
33) Staff for the troops in operations has been modified and adjusted.
34) Squad parameters panel is changed.
35) Rotate order is moved to squad panel.
36) Added a separate button for reverse move.
37) Added indication for suppressed squads in 3D and on the map.
38) The "quick" orders adaptively vary depending on the number of troops who are given the order.
39) Added a button on the orders panel, which allows to transfer troops under the control of AI.
40) Put a penalty at the start of the operation if allied troops is transfer under the players control.
41) Added automatic movement for signalers to laying wire communication.
42) Feature 42, now without name.
43) Added indication and options for valid orders.
44) Removed the outline of the selected units if individual icons is displayed.
45) Added a separate option for block of squads exchange in the operational phase (by default is enabled).
46) Added tank Pz I ausf. F and a platoon of this tanks in a quick battle.
47) Tankers do not close the hatches and do not climb into the tank if detecting enemy.
48) Added icons in Wehrmacht style on operational map.
49) Fixed a bug with the wrong choice of the level of detail for grass when you attach the camera to an unit.
50) Corrected the appearance for contact signs.
51) Added full automatical firing on external target designation.
52) When the defence "flag" is set during placement mode, changed the principle of defence points selecting.
53) The base color for summer camouflage on some vehicles of Red Army is changed.
54) Visual look of vehicles is changed due to humidity level.
55) Added Red Army's icons for operational map.
56) Fixed a bug with incorrect display of sides color in Quick battle editor due to change side.
57) Fixed a bug with black squares on an operations map.
58) Added Dunkelgelb 1943 color scheme for Pz III ausf. N tank.
59) For external target designation spot time and target direction will be transmitted.
60) Added ability to set delay for order execution until some time (right click on the "Stop" order).
61) Vehiles and squads that left without user control automatically returns to the commander.
62) Added ammo reallocation for guns and mortars at the end of the battle.
63) Slight adjustments for opponents AI.
64) Changed some icons of the squad and vehicle information.
65) Fixed disappearance of the sounds for rolled guns.
66) Added a color scheme selection for the map marks on operational and tactical phases.
67) Added NATO icons for operational map.
68) Fixed bug with unit dragging on the map in deploy phase.
69) Added an option for showing an alphanumeric platoon's codes on the map.
70) Added the wire-reel model for signalman's in the battle.
71) Added muzzle velocity dependence from the temperature.
72) Sounds for Pz III and Pz VI tanks engines and Marder SPGs based on the Pz 38(t) tank caterpillars are changed.
73) Added Soviet Army icons for operational map.
74) Display on the map ally AI plans and their changes during the battle is added.
75) Some shot sounds are corrected.
76) Added some armor piercing ammunition to the penetration diagrams.
77) Added detailed description for the orders delay and for player's command level into the built-in help system.