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War in the East - qualche regola random - morale delle unità

Il morale è un fattore critico in questo gioco, influenza il CV, le perdite, il movimento, ecc. Ecco cosa elenca il manuale:

The morale of a unit impacts its combat value and thus its ability to win in combat.

It also determines the amount of retreat attrition taken by its ground elements if the unit is forced to retreat as well as whether the unit will rout, shatter or surrender as a result of being forced to retreat (15.9). The morale of a routed unit will be a determinant in its ability to rally.

Unit morale is used to determine the movement cost to enter enemy controlled hexes and hexes under the influence of enemy zones of control (EZOC). For air group units, the morale of a unit impacts the number of miles it can fly in a turn (16.1.1).

Morale is also important in that it limits the ability of a unit’s ground elements to train to a higher experience level, as they can only train up to the morale level of their parent unit. In the same way, an air group unit can only train up its experience to match its morale level.

The Morale leader rating is used for determining unit combat value in battle, determining won/loss credit, adding or recovering fatigue in the unit’s ground elements, and rallying routed units.

Il morale delle unità tende in genere ad essere sul livello di quello nazionale ma le unità di elite come le SS, le unità della guardia o le Shock Armies tendono ad averlo più alto.

Ecco i fattori di crescita o decrescita del morale per le unità di terra, e sotto le modifiche successive alle regole:

The morale of a unit will increase when it is successful in combat (holds on defense or retreats the defender when attacking). The morale of a unit may also increase during the friendly logistics phase due to any and all of the following circumstances:

 The unit's morale is below 50, and it is in refit mode.
 The unit's morale is below 50, and it is more than 10 hexes away from the nearest enemy unit.
 The unit’s morale is below its national morale. In this case it can recover as much as 10% of the national morale but not more than the country's national morale (Example: German national morale is 70 in 1942 so a unit could recover 7 per turn, not to exceed 70 for a non-elite unit).
 The unit is in a very good supply and support situation and its morale is less than 75. If Die (75) is greater than the unit's morale than a gain for this situation is possible. 

Quindi in genere unità lontane dalla linea del fronte e ben rifornite guadagnano alla svolta morale.

Ground unit morale will decrease due to losing battles, suffering from air interdiction, being in an isolated state, and Axis morale losses due to the first winter rules (22.3). There is also a morale penalty for Finnish units that move south of specific hexes on the map area (19.1.1).

 Retreated units lose one morale point, which is increased to a loss of two morale points if the leader Morale check fails.
 Routed units lose one additional morale point.
 Isolated units may lose one or more morale depending on existing supply shortages.
 Units attacked by an interdiction air mission that lose more than nine MPs may lose one morale if random(100) is less than unit fatigue and the leader Morale rating check fails.
 Units which are missing morale and fatigue rolls can lose morale during logistic phase.

v1.04.10 - April 18, 2011 Adjusted the amount of morale a unit loses after a battle. Now units are not guaranteed to lose a morale point when a battle is lost. The higher a unit’s morale is over its national morale, the greater the chance the morale will be reduced when it loses a battle.

 v1.05.18 - September 6, 2011 Changed rule so that the morale gain from refit when under 50 morale is only gained when the unit in refit is at least 10 hexes from a supplied enemy unit (similar to the current gain if less than morale 50 and 10 or more hexes from enemy unit).

v1.05.28 - September 29, 2011 Poorly supplied units can lose morale. If at the end of the logistics phase a unit has less than 20% of needed supplies, it has a chance of losing 1 morale point. If the value is less than 10% there is a chance of losing 2 morale points. 

v1.05.53 - January 4, 2012 Each logistics phase there is chance that a unit can lose a morale point due to fatigue. The higher the fatigue and the lower the morale of the unit, the greater the chance that the unit must make a leader morale check to avoid a morale loss. 

v1.07.06 – April 12, 2013 HQ and airbase units do not receive the motorized bonus to national morale. Units do not gain morale while routed. Units may only gain morale outside of combat if their morale is less than 10 points above their national morale, or less than 50, whichever is greater. 

v1.07.08 – May 6, 2013 Greatly reduced the chance that a unit below its national morale will receive the die(10% of national morale) increase in morale.

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