mercoledì 28 agosto 2013

Total War Rome 2 piano delle prime DLC

Annunciato il piano delle prime DLC post-release:

With the September 3rd release of Total War: Rome II getting ever-closer, the team at The Creative Assembly has been presumably putting the finishing touches on the game. Now, we are getting a peek at the post-launch plans, including the announcement of more free DLC coming along with the first paid DLC.

So what can we expect? Today, the Seleucid Empire was announced as a free DLC pack to be released sometime in October. That's in addition to release DLC, and the preorder DLC that have already been announced. Historically, the Seleucid Empire was established following the death of Alexander the Great, dividing that conqueror's empire in two.

The game's first paid DLC was also announced, with Culture packs on the way. The first, The Nomadic Tribes Culture pack will feature the Royal Scythians, Roxolani, and Massagetae and will go on sale in October as well.

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