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Visualizzazione post con etichetta release candidate. Mostra tutti i post

martedì 2 luglio 2013

Uscita nuova release candidate patch per Histwar Les Grognards

E' stata rilasciata una nuova RC patch per Histwar; come potete vedere dalle immagini su Real and Simulated Wars: sono stati messi in opera i miglioramenti grafici che avevo visto nelle beta e anche il controllo degli ordini diretto (che tra l'altro è la cosa peggio gestita che potevo aspettarmi). Insomma gran miglioramento grafico ma il gameplay ancora latita.

martedì 10 luglio 2012

Patch 1.3 release candidate 1 per Pride of Nations

E' stata rilasciata la prima versione della patch 1.3 per Pride of Nations; la trovate qui


Engine & AI
* You now get the history (past 12 turns) of the transactions of each merchandise, in the F4 window, when moving the mouse over the commerce & transactions band of icons.
* You can’t use Mobilize agenda in crisis if you are at war with anybody
* You can’t use Mobilize or Ultimatum agenda if under a peace treaty with other nation (as this would lead you to a war while under peace treaty)
* Ultimatum dominancy value reduced from 175 to 150. Partial mobilization dominancy value reduced from 350 to 300. Crisis control changed from -10 to -15.
* Besieged forces will now take attrition hits every turn, in proportion of their number and how the siege roll went (anti over-crowding rule).
* If too many breaches accumulated, then a surrender roll is always possible (whatever the presence of a depot, super elite troops, etc.)
* Rebels faction will now assault when possible.
* In siege, the besieger will spend a quarter of his battle usage of ammos per turn of siege (plan to have supply trains on the long run), and will suffer -50% to his siege value if he can’t afford that. For the besieged, the spending will be 15% per turn, with a -35% siege value if there is a lack of ammos.
* Fixed bug of a leader removed from his parent unit, corrupting the unit he is in.
* Regional decisions can’t be played anymore in region that are yet to be unlocked by the scenario
* fixed a bug where a lone sneaky leader could prevent a siege to happen, even if siege indicator was correctly shown
* A retreating army can now split static units (abandon them) to escape better
* Revised upkeep costs for units, all is WAD. Ships cost a lot on purpose (historical).
* Revised when AI are dormants, fixing a bug preventing minor nations (even if controlled by players) from being able to pathfind correctly (hopefully!)
* Reserve units (tag with *Mobilize* at the unit level) when disbanded (happens if the nation is at peace and not under threat) will now return their value in conscripts and officers into the pool.
* If you have a negative number of colonial decisions, they are still shown in the interface: fixed.
* Structures get the transport efficiency of their owner, not the owner of the region: fixed
* More precision about who fights who in the battle log.
* Factions created after game start have Terra Incognita everywhere: fixed once a turn is processed.

Data or Events oriented changes
* Fixed sugar cane and sugar beet sync problem (sugar3 structures were activated before sugar2 and create an update problem).
* Moved Niger colonial capital to the proper colonial area (it was present in Mali)
* Added some force pool changes to some late game units to increase their capacity later in the game.