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Visualizzazione post con etichetta realism. Mostra tutti i post

giovedì 27 settembre 2012

Arma 2 ShackTac realism video

Questo è un video fatto dalla ShackTac una community di Arma 2, fondata da un ex-marine. Il video è un P-v-P incentrato attorno ad un assalto ad un convoglio delle Nazioni Unite.

Qui trovate la stessa missione giocata dall'altra parte dello schieramento:

domenica 12 agosto 2012

giovedì 31 maggio 2012

mitra-mod per Real Warfare 2 Northern Crusades

Real Warfare 2 non è solo un bel gioco ma è anche il massimo della moddabilità ha al suo interno un editor potentissimo ed il gioco è fatto tutto con un linguaggio interpretato quindi è possibile modificarne la stragrande maggioranza del codice. Io mi sono dato da fare e ho creato il mio mod per aumentarne il realismo.

Qui il link al mod:

 Qua sotto la changelog

- Is not possible to do circle if more than the 25% of soldiers is in combat, for avoid too easy circle use for avoid encirclement
- retreat zones: if a not routed grup move on the map angle, it will retreat from the battle like a routed unit; for campaign battle at place of retreat button
- no more displayed the red bases on the enemy units
- now if a group is not visibile on the minimap will be invisible also on the battle map
- the fire on enemy units is stopped if they are in melee with friendly units; the only exception is in the case of short range fire (aimed shoot) if no friendly soldier is in the fire arc)
- implementation of wood zones density: effect on FOW range and visibility, effect on arrows precision, effect on movement velocity
- indirect fire penalty: if between the shooter and the target a friend unit is present the shoot is considered indirect and has precision penalty, with the exception in the case target friendly an shooter are at different height level.
- change of arrows precision on the base or arc and target rank numbers: if the shot is parabolic a bigger number of ranks increase the hits number, a low number decrease it; if the shot arc is low it works at contrary.
- Displayed the influence range of commander: Press X for display it
- Displayed the range of maximum influence of horn sound: Press CTRL+X for display it
- Routines for AI group actions:
Groups form Circle with attacked by Cavalry or a Cavalry unit is very near
Groups go in sparse formations if under fire and not enemy unit is very near
Groups enter in dense formation during the melee
Groups return in normal formation in the ohter situations
- added new routine for AI cavalry groups
        Groups form Wedge for attack heavy infantry or heavy cavalry
               form line for attack light troops
        They try to avoid infantry troops in circle formation
        if between the target enemy and the attacker there is a heavy infantry unit the attacker is fall back.
- added new routine for crosswbowmen
        now they move with loaded weapon and recharge it also when there is not enemy in range (lock and load)
-  various corrections to previous change
- corrected bug for use the mode in multiplayer
- improved auto-reaction of AI cavalry units (they don't avoid to attack low moral units or thin ranks units)
- AI employ different army formations on the basis of army composition

campaign changes

- possible to play campaign and custom battles with more than 20 units
- when a castle or cities is taken is possible a reconquest army is generated in one of enemy cities, this army will try or to reconquest the town\castle or to defeat the conquerors army
- when a village is burned, if in the town\castle of reference for the village is present a lord\warband\patrol army this will try to defeat the ravagers army (can be the army which attack is less strong than the ravagers).
- added a file config for generate bigger random map (for custom battles and campaign battles); the possible dimensione are 256x256 (the default of game),320x320,384x384,512x512). Enter in the file modsettings.cfg in the gui directory and change the parameters width and height according to your choice. Please note to use the 512x512 only if you have a good memory amount becuase can be heavy to load.

addition after the merge

- reduced the effect of stone weapons on the walls, for increase the value of ladders,towers and rams, and for be more historically realistic.
- added the deploy phase also to field battle during the campaign (no siege battles)

Per applicare il mod basta fare overwrite dei files\cartelle originali nella cartella del gioco, funziona anche con il JSGME