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domenica 20 aprile 2014

Matrix Games Coupon da 10 dollari

Sul sito Matrix Games è presente un coupon da 10 dollari pasquale e da usare per gli acquisti dei loro giochi; ecco il link con le istruzioni:!

sabato 13 aprile 2013

Sempre collegato ai giochi Paradox

Sul forum ho trovato questo post di un utente che faceva il conto dei recenti fallimenti Paradox: al di là della vena polemica è meglio leggere e sapere cosa non comprare.

yes, for a short while after the release of CKII i thought paradox had learnt from the past mistakes but most games remain unplayable:
artic war: unplayable for most and dead...
gettisburg: armored warfare: unplayable and dead...
salem: did it ever get out of the beta status? dead?
HOI the card game: dead...
Magna Mundi: never released, dead... how bad must it have been?
Iron Cross: pretty bad. dead.
March of the Eagles: It doesn't feel like a complete game. well, at least it "works".
Sword of Stars: awful but at least not dead (yet).

i could go on...

Naval War isn't even the worst example but at least the offer a refund. one should take it as long as it is still possible.
selling a non working product and not able/willing to fix it within reasonable time is after all fraud.