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Visualizzazione post con etichetta frank hunter. Mostra tutti i post

venerdì 2 maggio 2014

Review di Piercing Fortress Europa su Armchair General

Su Armchair General trovate una recensione di Piercing Fortress Europa, uscito da poco per la Matrix

giovedì 25 aprile 2013

Prime immagini per Piercing Fortress Europa

Sono apparse le prime immagini per Piercing Fortress Europa, wargame 2d con funzionalità PBEM sviluppato da Frank Hunter. Si tratta di un wargame ambientato durante la Campagna di Italia 1943-45.

sabato 20 ottobre 2012

Work in Progress di Frank Hunter

Sul forum della Matrix è stato postato un messaggio di Frank Hunter, grande designer di wargames, circa il suo work in progress attuale; ecco il testo:

I spent time trying to familiarize myself with the GoA code [last time I chatted with him he'd removed the environment he used to write GOA from his machine so couldn't do anything at all with it - so this is definitely good news :)] and I'd like to replace the interface as well as add some things. However, the main reason I wanted to update it, as I mentioned in the forum, was to use the Slitherine PBEM system. But having looked at that and the need for me to do HTML programming which I've never done is a little daunting. I don't want to introduce code that would be my first time with the system and probably have bugs.

The WW2 game (covering the Italian campaign 1943-45) has the interface I'd like to put into GoA and its been handed in and I'm just waiting for playtesting to start. If people prefer that interface over the GoA one then I will use it for GoA, if not, I won't.

The Napoleonic game, called Campaigns on the Elbe (1806 and both 1813), is also done and awaiting playtesting but that won't start until the WW2 game wraps up. Matrix/Slitherine feels its best to do one after the other.

While waiting for the above games to be playtested I've also been working on two solitaire games. I'll have more info on those once these other games are finally out of the queue.