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giovedì 6 febbraio 2014


La prima DLC per Civil War II è stato rilasciata dalla Ageod, ecco la pagina del prodotto:

martedì 3 luglio 2012

Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue presto disponibile

Sul sito Matrix c'è la notizia del rilascio imminente di Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue nuovo gioco della serie.  Non ho ben capito come sia impostato il gioco, aspetto di vedere qualche recensione all'uscita.

Nel frattempo ecco la notizia:!

Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue brings players to the Eastern Front during World War II, simulating the German Wehrmacht’s drive towards Stalingrad and the Caucasus in the summer of 1942. Take command of the powerful Wehrmacht starting from the 2nd Kharkov Offensive and in Operation Trappenjagd or unleash the might of the Red Army during the Soviet winter counter-offensive in Operation Uranus that encircled the 6th Army in Stalingrad and changed the entire course of the war. With multiple campaign scenarios and a full scenario editor, there are virtually endless operational and strategic “what ifs”, especially when combined with the new high command order system. Succeed in your orders and you can guide future strategy in the campaign – fail and you’ll find yourself removed from command…or worse!
Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue comes packed to the brim with new features and improvements, more than we can list here:
  • 4 campaign scenarios (Case Blue (Long and Short), and Operation Uranus, 2nd Kharkov-Trappenjagd)
  • 1 linked scenario campaign (1st Panzer Army)
  • 2 small scenarios (2nd Kharkov and Drive on Voronezh)
  • New rewritten and greatly improved AI
  • Full scenario editor
  • Well-researched historical simulation
  • High Command rules, including “no step back” and dismissal options
  • Historical and dynamic Order of Battle, including player requests for replacements and reinforcement units
  • … and much more!