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Visualizzazione post con etichetta commander the great war. Mostra tutti i post

lunedì 12 novembre 2012

Nuovi screenshots di Commander The Great War

Sono stati rilasciati nuovi screenshots dell'ormai prossimo all'uscita  Commander The Great War.

Trovate il link per vederli qui:

giovedì 25 ottobre 2012

Rilasciati quattro nuovi screenshots di Commander - The Great War

Rilasciati oggi nuovi screenshots del nuovo gioco della serie Commander:

Intanto Commander Europe at War Grand Strategy è stato aggiornato alla patch 2.10, ecco il change log:

Historical/Political Changes

New prerequisite for Spain activating as Axis ally - USA neutrality

Denmark & Norway historically linked for DoW consequences

Belgium & Holland countries historically linked for DoW consequences

Persia activates if Axis unit moves into Iraq vs capture Iraqi resource

French, UK units in France & UK based air units suffer 20 efficiency loss if Belgium surrenders in one turn

Persia spawns GARs in all cities if Axis units occupy Iraqi city/resource

Allied units restricted in Russia to reflect historical accuracy

Britain requires 8 home guard force units in Great Britain to avoid morale loss

Owner changed to US for southern convoy when USA joins war

Logistics Changes

Game balance measures to control “blob” strategies

Major change to rail movement - start must be on or adjacent to resource

Major Russian rail (broad gauge) restrictions implemented

Increased oil usage for Axis MECH when at tech level 2

Maximum SS & Russian Guards reduced for play balance

Increased cost of creating new type units when limits are exceeded

Starting war efficiency adjusted for all countries

Building 3rd lab in a technology requires 3 other areas have a lab

German PP at game start increased from 20 to 35

German eastern fortresses can spawn in 1942 if Allied units in Germany

Allied Atlantic naval presence required at all times to maintain convoy size

Finland, Hungry, Romania and Bulgaria war effort better aligned to Axis

Partisan spawning divided by 3 in AI games - now matches regular game

Environment Changes

Updated hexes in Russia to reflect correct geography

Added more rail heads to supplement rail movement rules

Reduced average number of severe winter turns from 6 to 5

Severe winters % effectiveness change & new general.txt variables

Reconnaissance/land spotting reduce by half in winter & severe winter

Unit Changes

Germans are allowed to build a paratrooper unit in 1939

Russia receives 8 garrison units as strategic reserve - Aug 1, 1941

Canadian units spawn at normal quality if UK manpower level is yellow

Game Board Changes

New French large counters & unit names historically correct

Free French unit color on mini-map made unique

Unit stats chart changed - MECH info now with ARM stats

New large NATO counter option with detailed information

Map board options now allow country, river & lake names

Settings file name changed to “gs2_settings.txt”