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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Flight Simulator. Mostra tutti i post

giovedì 5 giugno 2014

Annunciato DCS: F-86F Sabre

E' stato annunciato un nuovo simulatore DCS, stavolta si tratta dell'F86 Sabre, mitico caccia della guerra di Corea, famoso per i duelli aerei contro il MIG15.

Ecco un video di presentazione:

sabato 26 maggio 2012

TacPack per Flight Simulator X

Ho trovato questa modificazione dedicata al combattimento aereo per Flight Simulator X:

Qui ci sono le change lists del mod:

Weapons Systems:
A/A and A/G missiles, ballistics and guided/unguided bombs.
True aircraft integration: No cheezy, generic "panels".
Initially released specifically for the VRS Superbug, with third-party aircraft support to follow in later releases.
Lethal to both aircraft (total or partial damage) and simobjects. Supports all the current systems carried by the VRS Superbug, with all associated avionic displays:
M-61A1 20mm Gatling Gun
AIM-9X “Sidewinder”
AIM-9M “Sidewinder”
AIM-7 “Sparrow”
AGM-65E “Laser Maverick”
AGM-84D “Harpoon”
GBU-10 “Paveway II”
GBU-12 (singles or pairs)
Realistic weapon ranges and maneuvering performance,dependent on engagement geometry.
As with the classic Superbug, any one of thousands of combinations of ordinance can be loaded, and the weight and drag of the weapon is simulated on the airframe and removed after launch.
Weapons are positioned on and fire from individual stations, not a generic aircraft centroid.
All systems work in FREE FLIGHT and do not require scripted missions.
Destructable objects include ships, aircraft, ground vehicles and sim-object structures. If it's a simobject, you can lock it up and kill it.

FLIR (ATFLIR) Simulation
FLIR video with white-hot and black-hot modes.
MP compatible Laser target designation (LTD).
MP compatible Laser spot tracking (LST).

AN/APG-73 Air-To-Ground radar simulation
Real Beam Ground Map (MAP).
Ground Moving Target Indication (GMT).
Sea Surface Search (SEA).
Fixed Target Track (FTT).
Ground Moving Target Track (GMTT).
Air-To-Ground Ranging (AGR).

ACMI Playback:
ACMI recorder for FSX, readable by Vyrtuoz's TacView
Can record flights in any aircraft, and records all aircraft present (AI and MP) in the simulation.
Minimal FPS impact.
Facilitates after-action debriefing/training.

Multi-player Support:
FULL multi-player functionality.
Drop AI into sessions (see AI menu below). Assets such as SAMs, working carriers, tankers and more may be dropped by team members into the battlefield.
Partial and critical damage modeling.
IFF system for all AI and human players to facilitate division into teams.
Anti-Cheating measures. Multi-player is about balance. VRS is making every effort to ensure that the TacPack is fair and balanced, and we will continue to support anti-cheating by design and proactive, ongoing software updates.

VRS AI Menu:
Call and control aerial refueling tankers through an intuitive in-flight menu system.
Can use any aircraft loadable in FSX as a tanker.
Select tanker orbit type.
Dynamically adjustable tanker altitude and speed.
SAM installations can be placed, given a team, and become active threats visible on RWR and destructible.
Drop and control any aircraft carrier (or any vessel, moving or static) in single-and multiplayer.
Any vessel can be selected and placed at user-defined distances and speeds.
All vessels both moving and static can contain TACAN and ILS which are instantly available to all single and multi-player participants.
Vessels can be armed with Sea Sparrow defenses.

Coming in Subsequent Phases:
Third-party aircraft drop-ins to allow BASIC integrationwith other aircraft.
SDK to allow ADVANCED integration with other aircraft.
Basic, aggressor and target drone AI (via in-flight menu system).
"Wingmen" (Formation flying partners).
VRS LSO/Greenie Board.
Much more...