martedì 9 settembre 2014

Scourge of War - Lynchburg

E' stato rilasciato l'addon gratuito per Scourge of War con la mappa della battaglia di Lynchburg .

To install, just unzip the Lynchburg folder to your Mods folder and enable in game. Included in the zip is a Lynchburg Readme.pdf with more info on the features and historic battle. 

Version 1.0
Author: Little Powell, RebBugler, LouiRaider, 2nd Texas 

This a standalone mod for Scourge Of War - Gettysburg. It is a special project we did for Liberty College in Lynchburg, VA for the 150th commemoration of the battle. 

Important: You must have patch 1.5 or later to use this add-on.


- 5x5 mile map covering the Lynchburg battle area, including General Hunter’s headquarters “Sandusky”, The Quaker Meeting house, and other historic structures.
- Five Union and Confederate historic and “what if” scenarios covering the action.
- Historic Order of Battle
- Historic unit flags used during the battle
- One multiplayer scenario covering the action of July 18th, 1864
- In-game Lynchburg splash screens

Notes on the map:

The map includes several tactical features that make for enjoyable Sandbox/Multiplayer games. There is a river that separates the northeastern part of the map which includes the famous covered 9th street bridge. There are two earthen forts (Ft. Early and Ft. McCausland) and plenty of open areas surrounded by woods and LOTS of hills. Also the distinctive high mountain peaks to the southeast. 

More info on The Battle of Lynchburg: Hunter's Raid

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